Second Round

Keith Shologan, this one hurts, hope the 3rd pick is not as bad!!

Yeah he is a big loss.

I was rather shocked when I heard this...he just seems like he is one of those guys who is supposed to be a Rider.

I think they protected the 4 O/L and Getz so the other one might havbe been Foley. probavly a good choice

big loss
not playing willy enough to entice Ottawa to take him has resulted in this loss
now Calgary can protect both kickers and two more non imports
This is huge in my opinion

You may be write...who knows. I personally think Foley would have been left open...we will never know.

Losing Sholo may have been effected by Steinhauer and Evans, along with the fact that George was such a beast out there this year. I love seeing Sholo out there, but he was out played by other DL this year on the club for sure. Still a heartbreaker to see go IMO

Willy's set to be a F/A in February so I don't agree; no matter how much they played him, Ottawa wasn't going to draft him anyway.

If Sholo went this round, the Riders likely protected both Picard AND Watman, with Best, Labatte, Heenan and Getzlaf.

They likely allowed Foley and Sholo as options, and let Ottawa pick.
IMO, the RedBlacks picked Sholo as he is younger, and likely commands less salary.

I think it was a decision to protect Foley or Sholy. Cdn depth behind him and you'd have to go import. Foley is very rare as a Cdn D end. It is almost always a import spot.

Sholy. There is Evans behing him and maybe Evans has showed upside that made the coaches leave Sholy unprotected. Plus you have the rotation guys of George and McElveen who both played well.

Everyone needs 7 starting Canadians. We lost a good one, really good one. Tough to see this guy go.

Think of Toronot losing Joe Eppelle.............starting guard?

This is a big loss in the middle of the D. Surprised they left him available.

It wouldn't surprise me to see him traded back for something else, as he has a young family who just built a new house in Regina.

We can all only hope!! :frowning:

After listening to Taman's comments I don't think a trade is likely. Sounds like they'll go with an import at this spot now.

BT has said that the club put their hopes that Sholo's 130k salary would shy the RBs from drafting him

In a time of tough decisions, a responsible strategy even if it is a long shot hope. I don't imagine anyone "liked" making the decisions of who to protect.

the fiscal reality of it all is IF Dressler and Sheets do not get a NFL contract then in order to sign these guys back its going to take some serious coin especially both of them. No it isn't easy losing a player but if this helps free up some of the funds to get both of these players back then I guess its the lesser of the two evils. Sure it would have been nice to keep the whole team together but again financially that would have been virtually if not completely impossible.

What was Geroy Simon's contract in 2013. I would think that Dressler would deserve more then Simon thus Simon would have to take a cut in salary.
Does any hve a take on how that may play out should dressler return tho Regina?

Lets remember the salary cap is going up, how much right now is the question, so that alone would free money up. Next yes Dressler should be paid more than Simon, but how do you cut a salary that's being a signed contract, can't see that happening, I also believe Simon still has some gas left in the tank. Riders either live with it, or release him. If Dressler does not return, I think Simon's role will increase big time! JMO

Those are great points but I think that Simon's Salary was extreely high and I think he even knows that he may have to take a cut to fit in other players. The CFL secret salaries its hard to know exactly what he made but one rumor was up at 170K. If it is that high I cant see how they could get Dressler and Sheets back with proper salaries.
Simon also made it clear he wants to stay with the Riders so I imagine that converation has come up and he knows he would not get close to what the Riders are paying him if released and the riders would still pay him nicely probably better than any other team would.

With spreading the ball around and the emphasis on the running game Simon's numbers were not high but when Willy played his stats were higher as he was Willy's goto guy

it also depends how the cap increase is applied. I would assume lower end pay will have an increase baseline, and then money well be applied to players across the, their existing contracts will go up a certain percentage. If not, these players that are signing now are either foolish or putting a a clause within it.

I would be fairly surprised if Geroy is back for the same salary...option will simply not be exercised. There is a stretch that maybe they bite the bullet to alleviate the loss of Dressler...but that is still a stretch in my mind. Geroy would be better off ripping up the 1 year option and signing a 2 year 110-120k/season contract...because I don't see anyone else offering him more, and it give him some assurance of an extra season.

That would make sense for Simon and pretty fair by the Riders knowing he does not want to go anywhere else at this point but be back to defens a GC with a team that should be capable of defensing it.
They could lose two super stars in Sheets and Dressler but receiver both import and Canadian would be two positions that they should be looking at siging a lot of depth, which they di not have last year. At RB a strong Oline is in place so they could make a decent back into an all star. Can't expect what Sheets did last year to be done every year that was just amazing.
Problem with most players waiting to sign, unless it gets done way earlier, the CBA expires just begore the start of training camp. So where a few super duper stars may hold out till the end there will be some word leeking about approximate raise will be and players depending on their level of demand will sign accordingly