second round prediction

Steelers (although I'm cheering for the Jets)

If I were a betting man then I would lay big money on the Packers and the Jets this weekend.

since I want the packers and the jets to win, I will be betting on the steelers and bears and whoever the flyers or canucks are playing.

Packers 27
Bears 17

Jets 17
Steelers 13

you are on a roll. I hope it continues :thup:

I'm OK with him going 50/50 this time. :smiley:

Bears and Jets

OH YEAH! Now to pick the Super Bowl and props for fun in a few weeks. :smiley:

The fact that it is indoors favours the Packers from the start, but only if picking the winner of the Super Bowl were that simple.

After the first half tonight, I was convinced that Pittsburgh looked like the more complete team than Green Bay.

In fact Green Bay was anything but impressive in the 2nd half but for a pick-6 from a rare read by a NT dropping in pass coverage on an inexperienced QB.

And then the Steelers really pooped the bed but for a few key hard throws by Big Ben in that second half much like they did against the Ravens in that first half.

See you guys in the Super Bowl thread when that starts.