second round prediction


New England

Pats Steelers
Bears Falcons

Patriots over Jets
Steelers over Ravens
Packers over Falcons
Seahawks over Bears

Im picking with my heart here because I hate the Pats and Steelers

Ravens 16
Steelers 13

Packers 27
Falcons 24

Seahawks 14
Bears 23

Jets 24
Patriots 20

Patriots and Ravens
Falcons and Bears

New England

No funny money for me this weekend, as I'm just not feelin' it.

I don't know about you guys, but I don't think Atlanta could've played any better. They showed everyone why they're the #1 seed in the NFC. :thup:

The Pack are on a roll, and it wouldnt surprise me to see them making the Super Bowl. That being said, I fully expected Atlanta to lose no matter who they played as they are still a few years away from going anywhere.

Saskfan was the only one who got both of them right today! :thup:

I agree with GreenAndWhite and pick the Packers right now for the Super Bowl no matter which team wins tomorrow. Saskfan and I are the only two to choose the Seahawks.

GreenAndWhite why didn't you weigh in with your picks here?

And if New England win as the heavy favourite as everyone picked but Jordan, they'll beat the Steelers next week too.

The Steelers would have a chance if the game is still close in the 3rd quarter though, but if the Steelers are down at that point by more than 16, forget it they won't catch up to the Patriots.

It must have been another awesome night for drinking for you Chief!

That was some other great game you were watching! :lol:

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What are you talking about? Atlanta played great. It’s not like they lost by 27 points or anything…

I’m hating the AFC right now. In one corner, you have the Steelers, the team with the most overrated QB, and in the other, you have the Patriots, the team I hate the most from the city I hate the most (the word ‘class’ is not included in any dictionary in Boston). God, I’m hoping the Jets upset… two weeks in a row would be nice.

I weighed in on the other thread with my picks. The forum wouldnt let me post on here, so I got frustrated and never ended up putting my predictions down in this one. I took the Ravens today as well but they lost (too bad, words cannot express how much I hate the Steelers). Tomorrow Im taking the Patriots (who will likely win the AFC), and going with my head and taking the Bears (although my heart says Seahawks). I do not think Cutler is good enough to win that game on his own. If the Seahawks can stop the run, I think they stand a very good chance in that game. Should be alot closer then that Packer blow out today anyway.

I really did beleive in the packers, but took the "safe" choice anyhow. Ravens had every change to win. Stupid penalties, dropped balls and really bad play calling sigh. Somebody please beat the steelers, do not care who.

Cant understand why anyone would hate the pats?????

This weekend's games have sucked. Baltimore was keeping the first game interesting until they completely collapsed in the second half. If both sides had played well and Pittsburgh still won, it would've been a good game. But Baltimore... :?

Then the next game was over in the second quarter. The Falcons played one good quarter and that was it. And the game on right now isn't looking very interesting. Bears went into halftime with a 21-0 lead.

I hope this last game is at least halfway decent...

all I know is, of the 12 playoff teams, the two I most wanted to lose are in the final 4. That totally sucks.

I almost dont care who wins the last game as long as the beat the steelers. otherwise, it just doesnt matter, sigh

go green bay.

Well FootballYouBet, the early odds; Packers are favoured by 3 over the Bears.

I am absolutely thrilled! You should've seen me after the game. I was beaming! You'd swear Peyton had just won another Super Bowl.

The two teams I hate the most, New England and New Orleans... yeah, they're both gone! Buh-bye! Thanks for playing! :smiley:

Three out of four as stated below was rather impressive though he was not close on any of the scores.


Vegas says both by 3.5 too, but I wouldn’t touch those lines or the over/unders.

If only I were there in the sports book in front of the big board, I’d be looking hard at the proposition bets though.

It’s “old-skool” (deliberate misspelling for those of you wondering and mocking) and so much more fun than online such as via Pinnacle, plus of course you get two free drinks ($2+ tips each) at minimum.

Good thing I was not there for these playoffs in going 1 for 3 on Vegas picks in the first weekend and a woeful 1 for 7 overall.

Note however that only 3 out of 8 home teams have won their games in these NFL playoffs. Note also that is with the Steelers having to do it in the 11th hour as well as the Seahawks confirming themselves over the Saints as the biggest home playoff underdogs in history in order to vindicate the only two known men on the continent who picked the Seahawks against the Saints: our own RedAndWhite and GreenAndWhite.

Those two guys quite possibly now could be legends in their own right as well for that pick though they stopped short of issuing the famous “guarantee,” but hey let’s not be greedy. :stuck_out_tongue: