Second Round of Rider cuts

What is your take on the following cuts:

Import WR Dwayne Eley, Import DE Willie Evans, Import DB Brandon Foster, Import WR Jeremy Gilchrist, Non-Import DB Joel Lipinski, Import DB Brandon Register, Non-Import DL Michael Stadnyk, Import RB Marcus Thigpen, Import DB Carlos Thomas

I don't really see any surprise cuts here.. they are very confident in their current roster.. as am I

I thought DE Evans looked good.

Little suprised at Stadnyk.

Thought he looked good last year. I guess they think they can through Williams and Mullinder in there to replace Shologan for the Ratio.

Third Round of Cuts according to

"The Saskatchewan Roughriders have released the following players:

Import DB Willie Byrd
Import WR Aaron Fairooz
Non-Import LB Christian Houle
Import DL Ikenna Ike
Import DB Ladarius Key
Import WR Cary Koch
Non-Import DL Ryan Lucas
Import DL Josh Miller
Import DL Joe Sykes

The following have been waived injured:

Non-Import WR Obed Cetoute
Import LB Kye Stewart

The following have been added to the 9-game injured list:

Non-Import OL Kelly Bates

• The Saskatchewan Roughrider practice roster will be announced on Saturday, June 26th."

I think Cary Koch and Joe Sykes will be picked up by another team in swift order. I'm a little conused about our defensive alignment going into the regular season. Anybody with insight as to the starting lineup?

That's a big part of Etcheverry's modus operandi; keep everyone (and not just you) confused about his alignments !!!

A lot of those guys will be going on the practice Roster. Koch and Sykes especially I am expecting.

Whats the story on Kelly Bates? Is he actually injured?

what's the good word on Thigpen?He just signed in Hamilton and we released Demetris Summers to bring him in.

Well 15_champs he's dynamite! :lol:
1 90+ yard KR TD and 1 100+ yard missed field goal KR TD tonight.
Good thing you guys have Dorsey, Cates and Charles or you might've hung onto him.
Great find by the SSK scouts.

Staying on topic, the Ticats have signed former Rider import OL Belton Johnson and have stuck Steve Schmidt on the 9G.
What's the good word on Johnson?Is he worth the paper we signed him on?

Belton is a good Olineman. Injuries played a big part in him losing his job here. Hopefully he can be a real good pick up for you guys and stay healthy…in return for Johnson and Thigpen there 15, how about you send us a special teams coach…an unofficial “trade” through free agency :wink:

Maybe, just maybe you can send us part of the Canadian air force? :wink:
Just think how good Getzlaf would look working along side Dave Stala :lol:

Hard to believe he was a "throw-in" on the Holmes deal.

ET feasted on the previous Tabbie regime.