Second Pre-Season Game

Hamilton reminds me of the cartoon character who plugs a leak in one spot only to have another pop up somewhere else.

This year it seems to be their defensive backfield. Perhaps they should have outbid the Als on Anderson instead of blowing their wad on Cobourne.

We will witness things next week.

From today`s Spectator:

Defensive backs:

New defensive co-ordinator Corey Chamblin continues to shuffle the secondary like a Vegas dealer jacked on Red Bull, trotting out new combinations on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

“The thing we have to see is who can play where — that's what training camp is all about,? he said. “As we get to the pre-season games, we'll start to set the roster a bit more.?

Veterans Jason Shivers and Jerome Dennis are getting plenty of time, as are Dylan Barker, second-year man Ryan Hinds and rookie Chris Rwabukamba. Among the American newcomers, Carlos Thomas has had a strong camp as has Marcell Young and John Destin.

“This is a young group on the back end and I've pushed them to the limit. Some of them are picking it up faster than the others and I've told them, ‘I've thrown you in the deep water and the first one that reaches the shore makes the team.'?

The Ticats secondary is a complete mess. They started Barker last year, now it looks like they won't play him... not sure if they are trying to pressure him in signing an extension or what but the logical progression for him would have been to start a second season and they lost their best DB in Tisdale. Their front seven is exceptional however and they splurged on Renaud Williams who should be a faster version of Floyd

Bellefeuille hasn't been very happy on some days and lost his mind a couple times. He needs a winning season, another .500 season and early exit will likely be the end of him. Two new coordinators isn't going to make things easyer.

On offense, they look happy with their receivers but they need Stala and their interior linesmen to stay healthy. They are really hoping Sam Giguere makes his way to Hamilton but the kid just bought a house in Morin Heights and I"m not sure they will ever see him.

They have a nice soft start to the season that should help them sort things out. If they come out of the gate poorly, they could be in a fight with Toronto and Winnipeg the whole season.

The two areas where they will be better than the Als is the front seven and special teams.

IMO a big part of them going after Avon was the fact that they lost out to us on Anderson, while they were trying to sign Anderson, Tisdale chose to go play for Chris Jones. Really messed their plans up :wink:

They will have Baggs for a full season, but they lost McIntyre and Kirk has been injured.

as early as it is I don't see hamilton's front 7 being better then montreal's!! as for the ST both to early to rate!! I may be wrong but didn't anderson start his CFL career in hamilton?