Second Place and on a Roll

Well Well, I’ll bet teams around the league are noticing the Rise of the Rough Riders.
And no one wants to think of a Grey Cup Run starting now.
Sit back and watch.
GO Riders GO

I was at the Game on Sunday, in all honesty, we played like crap for the most part. Our D was shaky for the first half, got better in the later, Our O has improved, but I will say this, Our O is boring to watch, I don’t blame the players, but MACADODO needs to go at seasons end, his limited play calling and his same 3-4 plays don’t cut it, it’s run up the gut, or slant or side passes that seldom work, little over the top 10-20 yards up, or little on the long throws, was better Sunday , but not great. why call passing plays and the guy is 3 yards out, why not 10 or close even. I really want to know, who said Macadodo was an Off. Coordinator, cuz man he really sucks at it, Most fans can call what he will call next. Makes it easy for there D’s. We need to improve a whole lot more to even think they can make all alone play a grey cup this season. I hope they do, but problems still exist. And we need to stop taking dumb penalties’. The first half was boring and the fans around me where really not in it the first half. It was loud at times, but!!!

I get it, and I’m not a fan of Mac either BUT we are winning and that’s what counts.
If we keep winning and I have no doubt we will…then what is to be said!
Go Riders GO

Quote from Nissan Power Rankings:
"The additions of Matt Elam and Loucheiz Purifoy have made the Riders’ defence that much scarier, while on offence quarterback Zach Collaros continues to settle in with his new team. With three straight wins against West Division opponents, Saskatchewan is the team to beat in the CFL right now outside of Calgary."

A while back I said I wasn;t sure ZC would come back, that he was shell shocked but I believe I was wrong.
I stated a few weeks back that with a healthy and confident ZC …watch out.
I think ZC will only improve on his way to the Play offs…Sit back and watch!

Let’s remember that ZC has only played a limited number of games since his return from injuries. Along with 3 new young receivers. I see this offence getting better every week. As we get closer to the playoffs this group will become a force. I’m not sure I can remember this team having so much speed. Defence will play better against the run next game. Not sure we will win but I like our chances.

AND THAT is why armchair coaches seldomif ever get a paycheck for their words and thoughts of wisdom… ;D

ZC’s throwing mechanics were very poor early in the season and it was really hurting his longball…he has amended that and looks much better.

Well it's his noticeable confidence that is for me the telling tale. Been to most and watched all games and watching him stare/stand down the rush is a great sign imo.
As I mentioned, I initially thought, when brought in that he would have 'imaginary elephant syndrome' meaning 'feeling rush' and 'I'm gonna get hit' due to his past injury(s) however that's has not been the case.

So sitting 7-4 with 4 straight wins and I’m wondering when the Rider Offense is going to win a game for us…
The cold hard fact is a team that can’t generate longer plays, and more “offensive” points isn’t imo going to the Grey Cup.
I don’t think it’s a stretch to say our Defense has won most of the games. Without the excellent elite play of our Defense/ sacks/ rushed plays/interceptions/fumble recovery and just causing terror…We wouldn’t be where we are.
THere has been small offensive improvement noting mostly the “Run Game” which I think is beginning to cook! However, I believe if we don’t see faster improvement in Offensive points/ Play calling and execution, we probably won’t get to the Grey Cup.
I the Rider Offense was as good as the Defense…
Go Riders GO!

So I would say with fair certainty, that as we are firmly planted in Second Place you never know what could still transpir.
With a couple of win for the Riders and a couple of losses for the Stampeders and voila…
or not.
I would say a play off in Regina is a real probability.

We will see after this weekend. I believe we clinch second with a win of 8 point or more and a Winnipeg loss.

Yeah, I believe a Rider win is a playoff assurance and a a >7 point win plus any Bomber loss is a west birth.

BC can still finish with up to 11 wins though, so 2nd is a bit off yet. 2nd has a few spins on it. If the Riders win this week then clinching a home playoff spot:

  • A Bombers loss at some point


  • 2 BC losses
  • 1 BC loss and another Rider win
    BC could win all games and Riders lose all except the BC game in the last game of the year....this would leave them tied at 11 wins, but the Riders win via season series.
    any combination of tying for wins, including BC winning the last game by less than 3

A few scenarios off the top of my head anyways. At the end of the day, the team holds the fate of a home game in their own hands with only 4-5 games left ...that's what matters. Just win.

A >8pt win this weekend would simply ensure that the best the Esks couple place is 3rd.

Ah right. I wasn't looking at BC.

WJ does it again…Still on a role, Play off in Regina, Sweet,.

I don’t know call me crazy but I just can’t see winning the Grey Cup without an effective scoring offense.
But hey we’ve got this far without an offense so what the hell.

by no means a lock yet.
…Edmonton can still catch. The season series is a split with no point differential in meetings. next it would go to win/loss record within the division. If the Riders lose the remainder of their games and the Esks win all, they would be tied…but the Riders would have 5 west wins, and the Esks would have more (presently less). Riders needed 1 more point to ensure the Eks could not surpass them.
…Still need either 1 more win or a Bomber loss to ensure staying ahead of them
…BC can still get to 11 wins. If the Riders win only 1 more game and the Lions win the rest, they would be ahead…so long as their loss is not to the Riders.

As long as B.C. beats the Riders by more than 3.

Just win the rest of the games and everything works out.

I know the odds are against the above happening, so I am not betting the farm on it.

Boo-bombers in Winterpig will be a tough one.

Go Riders.

Yes, well one can always expand the Statistics to show numerous possibilities, however, I still have absolutely no problem 'guaranteeing' the Riders will not loose all their remaining games and Edmonton for sure will not win all their remaining games sooooo
Playoff game in Regina. :wink:

AND we still need an offense.

None of this won’t matter if our O does not start to produce. Play-offs is a new short season. We will not win these games without our O putting at least 2 TD’s in. We just can’t seem to produce in the red zone, we can get there, but that seems to be it. I will state again, I don’t blame Zac yes this last game a few bad throws but that is par for any QB, The dropped balls that should of been caught does not help. We will also need to stop taking all these stupid penalties. Does our O line not know what holding is. It’s a damn shame at this point in the season. And Macadodo needs to get way more creative with is play calling and plays. Pretty bad when a fan can call his plays before the snap, ever think the other team have not figured it out also… DUH!! I have really one question … who ever said Macadodo was an Off Coordinator. Cuz he really sucks!!

We are on the verge of being unstoppable, we just need our O to start producing.

Here we go this weekend, A win over Winnipeg and a BC loss in Calgary and it’s “Semi Final” Play off date in Regina!!!
The game this weekend should be intense.
Go Riders Go

["Here are the playoff scenarios for Week 18:
East Division Scenarios

  • Playoff position cannot be determined this week.

West Division Scenarios

  • Calgary win + Saskatchewan loss or tie = Calgary clinches first place in division and hosts Western Final
  • Calgary tie + Saskatchewan loss = Calgary clinches first place in division and hosts Western Final
  • Saskatchewan win + BC loss or tie = Saskatchewan clinches a home playoff date" ]Quote