Second Last to Last

I don't know why all the Eskie fans are whining about a losing season. Last season the Esks finished in second last position and got in the playoffs. And got lucky for three playoff games. This year they dropped one position from second last to last place.

You have to look at their situation positively! They could win the first round draft choice!

Like I stated a few months ago on this forum, the Eskies remind me of Calgary from 2001-2002. Got hot in the playoffs the prior year which covered up for some deficiencies and age on the team that should have been addressed in the off season, but were not done due to the hot streak and Grey Cup they pulled out and stood pat for the most part. Now they are tanking the next season and the rebuilding job is very obvious to everyone. I have absolutely no sympathy for them though! Maybe it's the curse of Chris Pronger or something this last half of the year up north!

Yes, but the team finished 11-7, which was tied for 2nd, and BC was only one win better at 12-6. If the esks had won the last game of the regular season, they would have finished first in the west(as they held the tie-breaker over BC). Going from an 11-7 season, to potentially 4-14 is a very significant drop, and is the reason eskimo fans are upset with the team this year.

You are correct however in saying the team just got hot at the right time last season. Losing a good number of vets from last season has forced the eskimos to partially rebuild their team this season.

Perfect post, absoloutely what I've been trying to tell anybody who asks me about that.

And the important thing is, they're re-building right now the most important positions. O-Line, defense, etc. Receivers, they can be brought in and become good players from imports in the US.

The Esks are still in control of their own destiny. With Saskatchewan still having to play Montreal twice and Toronto before coming to Commonwealth, the Riders (playing like Jeckyll and Hyde) could easily lose all three games. If you are two points behind the Riders on the last day, and win, you're in and we're out. Don't want it to happen,but it is possible. Who do you play before the rematch on the last weekend?

Edmonton has two against Toronto, and one against Montreal before they play the Riders again. So far Edmonton is winless against the East - that needs to change if they want in the postseason.

Brothers and sisters.. plan the parade for the usual route in Edmonton.
Eskie magic baby! Wooooo!!