Second half teams trending up and down

Second half thoughts:

Teams trending up:
Saskatchewan: I think we will see them roll in the second half with a very strong playoff push. Fastest team in the CFL.

Ottawa: The East is theirs for the taking. By far the most consistent team in that division and should take it. Great creative offense.

Teams trending down:
Edmonton: Great start but a lot of smoke and mirrors too. I don’t see them beating Calgary in any of the next two and I think they ultimately will be fighting for a play-off crossover. Big fall ahead imo.

Toronto: I think they will be passed by Montreal and losing a playoff berth with the crossover.

Any other thoughts on the second half?

Do not see the Als making it to the #2 spot in the east.
RB and Argos.

It will be an uphill battle for Montreal for sure but I think they will pull ahead of Toronto for the two spot. I don't see Ray surviving and I like Montreal's defense, running game and, if healthy, their o-line much better than Toronto's.

That said I sure don't understand in this, the year of receiver, how they have not uncovered a decent Import receiver to go along with Jackson. It is a weak crew, outside of Jackson and the 2 yard dump to Lewis. Not a fan of Cunningham at all. And Giguere as their Canadian receiver is very substandard.

I'm glad Trestman is back but he is being further exposed as totally dependent on a HOF QB. Those days are numbered.

But your doubts are well founded.

Indeed, Sask are opening eyes around the league these days. I have their match against Calgary on the 24th circled on the calendar...should be a good one.

What do you think of BC's chances in the second half now that they are apparently going with Lulay as starter?

It looks now like Calgary and probably Sask are going to be 1 and 2. Then, Edmonton, BC, and Winnipeg will all be battling for the #3 spot (and probably the crossover).

I think Sask has a lot of ground to make up to land at #2. If the Stamps and the Riders win next week again then it all becomes pretty interesting...That would basically put the Stamps close to locking first and Riders a game back of both the Bombers and Eskimos...season series would be Riders and they play the Esks the last week of the season....Would make a very interesting race. That said, BC is by no means out of it either. Depending on how things go over the next week or 2, this could be a pretty interesting West race...but who knows. Things also change a lot for the East here...they play each other a lot more now, so that crossover situation could change fast.

I checked today to see when the Riders play the Stamps....sept 24th. Circled on my calendar.

Saskie heading up, Eskimos heading the other direction

Pretty long shot for the Riders to finish 2nd. There's quite a few teams in front of them currently. I think most would be happy just to see them make the playoffs. One thing working in their favour is that they hold the tiebreaker with the Lions, and have a pretty good shot at getting it against Edmonton as well.

All 5 West teams are pretty good teams, BC and Edmonton are slumping but they are both good teams as well.

Teams trending up :

Calgary (8 - 1 - 1) ridiculous record since last season with only 3 losses in their last 28 games played .
Saskatchewan (5 - 4 ) 3 big "W"s in a row all against Western opponents has them back in the hunt.
Ottawa (4 - 6 - 1) Got their mojo back with 3 gm "W" streak . Should once again finish 1rst in the East.
Winnipeg ( 7 - 3 ) Labour Day loss snapped 5 gm winning streak but 5 of last 8 games are at home .

Teams trending down :

Edmonton ( 7 - 3 ) 7 wins in a row followed by 3 losses in a row .Far to many injuries to overcome.
Toronto ( 4 - 7 ) Improved over last years team but not quite there yet . Still likely to finish 2nd in East
Montreal ( 3 - 7) Trending down now the last 3 years. Ageing lineup and feeble offence doesn't help.
B.C. ( 5 - 5) Current longest consecutive play-off streak could be in jeopardy . QB controversy as well.

Teams treading water :

Hamilton (1 - 8 ) Finally won a game but it most likely won't matter . Might play spoilers down the stretch though .