Second Half of Season

Forgive me for looking ahead a bit and this is somewhat in the same vein as the road to Grey cup thread.

Ticats with three road games left. After Wednesday’s tilt with Ottawa, we only go west once to face Edmonton. The only other road game against TO in November. We avoid BC and Calgary on the road which are traditional problem games for the team. Five more home games - Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, BC, Sask.

I think it’s reasonable to expect at least 5 more wins over the next 8 and finish up 8-6. Could see us being tied with Argos for first with maybe point differential head to head with them as the tiebreaker. Assuming the defence stays relatively healthy, I like the way the team is shaping up with potential to get guys like Addison, Banks and Posey back. Looking forward to seeing how things shake out and how the younger guys progress over the next month with all the playing time.


Let's just beat the Argos twice and not worry about it.


Yup. The Argo matches are critical 4-point games. Win those and 1st should be a lock.


I’d like nothing better. The one that worries me the most, oddly enough is this weeks game against the Redblacks. Short week, playing against a team coming off a bye at home that’s just been embarrassed. Call me crazy but I don’t think it will be easy to win there. Ottawa has some decent players on defence and will be preparing to stop the run game especially if Watford starts again. Could be a close one

I wonder if Condell tries to outsmart OTT by switching up the game plan so it's not what they are expecting. And then, if we lose, do the exact same people criticize him for actually doing what they wanted him to do against CAL?

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If Watford is still the starter we will most likely see a progression over a series of games. The same as 2019 when Dane came in.


Also now that it is healthy I think the Ti-Cat defence is a juggernaut. Combine that with Ottawa's anemic offence and the Cats will be enjoying great field position for most of the night. At that point even if our offence sputters we should be able to Field Goal them to death.

Th X factor is Dom Davis. He's up and coming. High ceiling and makes great decisions.


Who told you that? TSN. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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You forgot the sarcasm emoji. I fixed it for you

Well that didn't work

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As long as the d scores and special teams get turnovers and field position condells offense should be great

Benevides has been around a long time. There is no way the gameplan against Calgary will work again. If Watford starts Ottawa will play up close and take away all those lanes. The 5-6 yard gains we had last game will turn into 2 yard gains or even lost yards. Watford will need to stretch it out. Throw some intermediate or deep balls in order to back up the Ottawa defence.

Crash is here at yuk yuk's all week. :+1:

Ottawa is missing Kanneh and Baltimore. With those 2 they're pretty solid. Without those 2, go after their secondary and they're pretty much toast. Without those 2 they might employ a fair amount of zone too. Zone is not ideal against the modern offenses these days.

Is the ticat offence modern these days?

With Watford? Not so far. That could change though.

Hopefully, Banks, Addison and/or Posey will be back for this game, which should give our offence a boost. The O from Friday reminded me of those heady days in the early 80s when Eddie Smith, Dave Marler & Ken Hobart were our qbs. Yes, we got to some Grey Cups, but your D can't do everything. Personally, I don't really care how we win, as long as we win, but I don't think anyone on this board would deny how exciting our offence was in 2019.

My question is, why didn't Condell go to this offence earlier even as a change of pace for Masoli and/or Evans when he saw them getting sacked continually out there? It might have prevented their injuries.

I think that as long as the D and/or ST at least give us good field position, we'll be able to beat Ottawa, even if as someone else said it means field goaling them to death.

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I would say because it involves the QB running (or threatening to run) alot.

They both ended up running a lot as it was. In any case, I'm sure they'd prefer running for positive yardage as opposed to running for their lives trying to find an open man.

The thought crossed my mind that a deep ball for one of the Whites might be a successful surprise in, say, the Cats' second offensive series, after showing, through the first, that everything is happening just like the twocolours saw in the film of Watford vs. Calgary.

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