Second chance Deandra Cobb

Matt Dunigan does a Brian Williams like peice on Cobb.
It is a nice story.

I just was about to post this. It's a really good piece from Dunnigan. :thup:

That is seriously the best video I have ever seen on the TSN site. Great job.

TSN has been showing this video all day.

If you haven't seen it, go straight to TSN CFL and look for Second Chance on the the list of videos over there on the right. DON'T MISS THIS VIDEO! forum had Cobb's story even before Drew Edward's had the story in July - Remember the story - Living the dream

We have had Earnest Harden, Cobb's dad , our user 'father' start this thread with the little post on June 5th

"I have a request of all of the fans of DeAndra', I'm residing in Las Vegas , Nevada I'm Earnest his father and cannot attend training camp would please keep me informed of his progress, Thank You so much!"

He's progressing pretty well Earnest, now that he has shaken off the rust .....!

Oskee Wee Wee!


I agree he is one of the biggest reasons why we are where we are! In the playoffs!

Wow! Amazing video. I've heard the story before but just bits and pieces.Now seeing what Cobb went through to get back to football makes you respect him that much more, and I already respect the hell out of him.Fred Reid, move your loud mouth over.There's going to be a new rushing leader in '10 :cowboy:

That was a great piece… hats off to DC and his Dad!!

Here is a direct link to the Deandra video

Oskee wee wee

yet they are going to release him in the spring before training camp when KK returns!! At least trade him!

are they really GM jaybird?? I'd love to know which of the voices in your head gave you that piece of info. :roll:

Absolutely great video. Class act, great ball player.

I saw the video and thought - "I sure hope Mr. Harnden is coming to the game"

That's exactly the kind of attention the players of the CFL need.

More of this type of coverage will reveal the faces under the helmets and elevate the players to household name status.

The production quality was on par with pieces done by NFL Films.

Great piece..... "In COBB we trust"!!

I watched this and got all teared up. I bet there are alot of stories like this, in the CFL!:slight_smile: last home game his parents were sitting just in front of us, When he passed the Yard rushing mark they went crazy creaming "thats my boy thats my boy". It totally made me smile from ear to I went over and shook their hand and said you should be proud of your son, he is a real jem and one HECK of a running back!


Very moving, keep on doing EVERYONE proud DeAndra!

Thanks for posting this excellent video, Brucefan. DeAndra' Cobb has made the most of his second chance this year. He often gives his second, third and fourth effort when it looks as though he has been stopped and he manages to will an extra yard or two. Best of luck to DeAndra' tomorrow and throughout his lifetime of tomorrows.

It's heartwarming to see how much he cares about his stepson. Many biological fathers don't give a crap about their children. Mr. Harnden is a true father and someone I have a mountain of respect for. It's nice to see Deandra's hard work pay off.

In addition to the direct link to the Deandra video, here is a link to TSN's
take on Otis, Casey Printers and today's game.

Watch the Deandra video first of course.

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