Second and long conversions last week

Found these interesting stats on Pierre Vercheval's column, here are the results of the Tiger Cats conversions on second and long against Montreal last week. Montreal is going to have to rethink its zone coverage completely on 2nd and long because the Ticats have exposed them badly.

2 and 14 : pass of 86 yards.
2 and 12 : pass of 20 yards.
2 and 10 : pass 23 yards.touchdown.
2 and 10 : run 12 yards.
2 and 18: pass 20 yards.
2 and 10 : pass 23 yards.
2 and 10 : 26 yard penalty pass interference Chip Cox.

Wasn't that a nice change. In previous games, the Cats were guaranteed to give up a sack or throw an incompletion on second and long.

Don't know if "zone coverage" explains much of what happened on Sat.
Most if not all of those conversions were products of great passes and , finally, receivers make tough athletic, catches in traffic.
If Ham. gets a ground game going next week too they'll be a handfull.


The addition of KK and/or Jesse should keep us out of 2nd and longs (hopefully).

But...nice to see that we are actually throwing 15 yard passes on 2nd and 10...instead of the ol' 7 yard out.