Sec 22

How are the rows numbered, I want to be in the lower part of section 22.

The rows are numbered with letters. Row A is closest to the front. Numbering of seats in a given row and section is from left to right.

I'm in row S in that Section for the playoff game. Cleo Lemon will know us well by the 2nd quarter!

I thought rows started at AABB, then A,B,C etc.

thats what I thought anyhow, we are in row E in 21 which I thought was the 7th row..

Whoops... I think you're right. I'm in row M, so I don't have to pay attention until I'm a ways up.

The lower half of sec 22 is numbered with 1 being the first row.

The upper portion of sec 22 is lettered with the first 6 rows being AA, BB, A, B,C, D, etc...

The walkway that cuts across the entire south stands is what divides those two areas of sec 22.

Do not pick AA or BB as people will continually block your view by walking along the walkway. Those are about midway up the south side stands.

So, to answer your question, the lowest rows, closest to field level in the corner, are numbered beginning with 1.

The lower the seat number, the closer you are to the aisle towards midfield.

Sections 21,22 and 23 are exceptions as those sections also exist below the walkway. Those rows below the walkway are numbered with 1 being the lowest row. The rows above the walkway are lettered beginning with AA, BB, A,B,C,D, etc...

Didn't notice that section 22 went all the way from the sidelines to the back. I'll stop talking now.... :oops: