Seawell Retires

Well I guess Seawell said thanks but no thanks and retired. I think the deal should be scrapped. When a player that is part of the deal and that player refuses to go to the team he was traded for then the deal isn't done "in good faith". Yes there was a conditional draft pick that we don't have to gove but still Gale for Lemon is just a straight up hose job

in my opinion, Sewell was a component of the trade, he didn't report to the riders choosing to retire instead then the trade should be nullified by the CFL as the Riders did not receive what they traded for, if Sewell would have reported and participated in a team activity and then retired, then the trade stands.

"conditional" pick

Exactly my point. The Riders dealt a player in good faith to the Argos in the return for Gale andSeawell. Since Sealwell has no intentions of playing anymore then that is not what the deal was based on.

If this is allowed to continue on then basically any deal could be an extremely risky business. The CFL needs to safeguard teams of such an occurrence. Yes GM’s need to be careful but in all honesty can anyone guarantee any player from pulling this stunt? Sure it is a rare occurrence but it does seem to becoming far more common and this year its almost to an epidemic proportions. This makes everyone look bad and even though the Argos come out ahead if this deal is allowed to stand they also get a black eye and other GM’s will be reluctant to do business with them. I mean if the Riders were to entertain a deal with the Argos again would they make a deal using a player as trade bait knowing full well that the player would never go to them? It opens a Pandora’s box of distrust and quite possibly abuse of this loop hole.

I think the league needs a clause in all trades that stipulate all players involved must report and pass the physical plus be available for play for a time period of not less then 2 months. This would help safeguard every team from such bogus deals. This would allow a team to get a feeling if a player is going to bail or not and may be able to deal them elsewhere that works for everyone.

I’m not saying Barker flat out knew this would be the result but honestly he must have had a pretty good idea of this being the possibility. The whole deal just stinks and gives not only the Argos a black eye but the league also.

The trade was Lemon and a conditional pick for Sewell and Gale,
now its Lemon and a conditional pick for Gale,
no disrespect to Gale but he's not worth Lemon and a conditional pick, even if the conditional pick is nothing.

I would highly speculate that he did...just like Jones did. That is why there was a conditional pick. Baker has been trying to move Seawell for a while but there are a couple factors against of which GMs know he desires to be close to home. He turned down NCAA to be close to home...he turned down the NFL close to home. Jones was assistant GM when Seawell was drafted...he knows this. I would speculate that there were terms in place and Jones wanted Seawell...Baker likely said ok, but a draft pick needs to be thrown which Jones made it conditional because of the risk

As far as Gale goes...for what it is worth I was talking to someone with some knowledge on it and Scott Milanovich is actually upset about losing him...he viewed him as the potential #2 but wanted to see what Kilgore could do because he likes them both...Fajardo was apparently #3 no matter who landed #2. is Lemon for Gale...Conditions were not met for the pick...or that is the buzz anyways. If that is not true it was a pretty brutally formatted trade

Either way we got hosed.

Perhaps. What if Gale turns into a legit #2 though? A 3rd string DE who doesn't feel that he is a fit for the scheme and so wants out for a #2 QB....idunno

If Gale doesn't pan out...then question the Riders got burned a bit...but that is also dependant on what other offers were out there....other offers could have been simply for a neg list player

Sorry I just don't buy this whole Lemon was a 3rd string DE. Perhaps that is what he was listed at here and perhaps that was for different reasons but if it was he was a 3rd string DE and we went ahead and blew 85 k on a signing bonus then that brings up the question of why they did that? Oh I know he was sought after by other teams during the FA and he was the best out there at the time, but still if they weren't sold on him being worth that cap hit then why pull the trigger?

Perhaps this was to aleive some of the fans eire about losing Chick? You know sign a big name to replace one? If that is the case is that doing the best thing for the team as Jones proclaims that is what is behind all of his moves?

Honestly I don't think that Lemon is a 3rd string or even a 2nd string DE but perhaps he bulked at dropping into coverage or he just wasn't as good at it. Still as you have mentioed Depop that eventually they probably go with more of the traditional 4 man front as the DB's LB's and CB's get up to speed. If that is the case then wouldn't Lemon fit in better as a pass rusher? Again if this was the case then it reverts back to me saying they got trigger happy far too soon.

Meh what's done is done and the collateral damage that goes with it will eventually be known. I just have a gut feeling though that if Ray gets hurt then Lemon could easily end up in Edmonton for Franklin. Then we got burned even worse. 85 k cap hit for a very good pass rusher in my opinion and in return we get Gale, Edmonton gets a good DE and Toronto gets Franklin. Ouch.

In this scheme he is 3rd...that takes nothing away from him...still a solid DE and a starter under a traditional DE scheme. I don't think Jones believed he would find game ready DEs to run the exact D he wanted this season so he got into the bidding war on Lemon...when they found 3 Or 4 other game ready DEs that fit his scheme that changed everything