seattle seahawks tickets

Hey everybody i have a chance to go the the seahwaks vs the st.louis rams game on the 12th, for free,should i go or stay for the west final?

Get back to me

You're kidding right?

If I had a choice between seats in Paul Allen's suite or 7-eleven end zone seats it would still be a no-brainer for me:

Being under the dome and watching my hometown team in a sudden death playoff game. :rockin:

You can always go to Seahawk regular season game, how many chances do you get at a Western Final.

Western Final for sure!

Western Final for sure

Western Final. We need all us Lions fans here at BC place, you gotta go man.

They'll be plenty of other times to catch the Seahawks, this is the last home game of the year, and who knows when the next Western Final will be in BC, we've been lucky the last few seasons in BC, it was bad for many years when we never had a home playoff game for years.

Go Lions

Exactly, enjoy the good years with a Western Final considering what our history has been in the past!

There must be a reason the tickets are free. Great stadium, if you like watching football on a postage stamp. When you enter the stadium in seattle under the half football stands in the end zone and walk to the viewing area you will be shocked at how small the field is. I would go to the Western Final, and take a rain check. Two totally differt experiences Cfl and Nfl. Must experience both but not on our sacred of sundays. lol. Go with your heart