Seattle getting jobbed..........

…by an ‘expert’ NFL ref squad…

…no way the ball crossed the line on Big Ben’s carry for the TD…and Jackson’s penalty for offensive push-off on his TD was a complete joke…Tagliabue has preordained a Seattle loss to satisfy the unknowlegable masses as his striped minions call it in favour of the Steelers…

…pictures at 11:00…

.....taking it a little hard, are we?? :wink:

I don't think that ball crossed the line either but they had to stick by the call on the field because they need 'indisputable evidence' to overturn the call.

And that was a push off by Jackson. The push didn't allow the db to make any sort of play on the ball.

NO way was that a push off.
Holding out your hand is not pushing off!
The TD was bogas as well
I also thought the 4 down spot which forced SS to punt on 4th and inches was generious in favor of the steelers.

Anybody want to rag on the CFL refs somemore?

.........holding on Locklear?!?!..........bought refs...........even Madden says 'no way in that picture'...........

How about that call for an illegal block on the guy doing the tackeling!!!!!

........nice trick play by the Steelers for Hines' TD, but this has bought-refs smeared all over it........the sentimental favourite Bettis is getting this one gift wrapped by Paul's striped Agents of Deceit.......disgusting.......

Tell me again how bad the CFL refs are!

..........did that ref sound just a little disappointed in turning around the Hasselback non-fumble?........."sorry Mr. Tagliabue, I tried sir, I really tried"..........then the trap door drops out from the inqusition room........

Come to thing of it, he did sound dissapointed

I thought that, too.....almost like he was ticked off that the call was reversed.....

like a fly on a toilet seat, he was P'Oed

..........pretty much a done deal.......Bettis gets his ring and the ABC Movie of the Week will be out in May, Head Ref played by Martin Sheen.........29 years and counting sh!thawks, I'll be there for ya next year.......

complete bull**** reffing! I feel sorry for all the people in Seattle who had to wait thirty years just to see the seahawks get rolled by the refs in the super bowl. As you can see, I'm pretty ****ed off too since I've been cheering for seattle for about ten years now.

I wasn't cheering for either team, but the officiating in ALL of last year's CFL playoffs was better than tonights!

And it wasn't just one or two blown calls - these were MAJOR plays that dictated who the champ was going to be!



There is no way that was a touchdown and the 'pushoff' was the one of the worst call's I've ever seen! The refs were biased; probably bought and paid for!

The No Fun League has once again proved its impotence! The game was over with four minutes left to play. There is no way that would happen in the CFL!!!

If the officiating was like this in the Grey Cup, the media would be crying "Bush League".

Meanwhile, I'd be surprised if there was even a mention about ANY of the questionable calls from any sports writers in Canada. Seriously.

I was just saying to my girlfriend, the media will probably report the 'cinderella story' of Pittsburgh rather than fall out of favour with the 'gods of the NFL'! What a joke man!! Seatle was robbed!!!

The media in Canada may not acknowledge, but here in the States people aren't too happy (ESPN has questioned the below 3 calls).

  1. The Push off
  2. The hold
  3. The "Illegal Block"

Who paid these officials? Inexcusable....and I'm a Carolina fan (from Carolina) so I didn't care who long as it was a good fair game.

Hey Packman, I hope there is a HUGE hullaballu! I hope there is an inquisition!!! What a load of crap!!!!! I may have been cheering for Seattle, but I really don't care because I'm a Packers fan and a CFL fan more than anything. Unbelievable!!!