Me and my friends just went out and bought some season tickets today. I probably didn’t think everything through enough but we got tickets in section 11 row 10. I think the lady said it was the first row in that section. So I was like “cool, first row. sounds good.” But is it really? Will there be a lot of people walking in front of us? Will there be a bar obstructing our view? I completely forget the layout, so could a Bomber fan here remember? Thanks.


You’ll be ok, The numbered sections are upper deck, so if your indeed in the first row your elevated about 1.5 ft or 2 ft from the ground so you will be able to see above any traffic in front of you…Hope this helped…Go Bombers!

Thanks :smiley: Go Blue!

Good job Blinker, I am just pondering the same thing, think I might try to get a couple in section 13 or 14, anyone else in this area…

DUDE ILL TRADE U SEATS…kidding. Im at 9A but dont worry, i have sat in that position, and i can gaurentee you, there is nothing to worry about buddy