Hello there...I was wondering if I could get some opinions.....
I am going to be travelling to Montreal for the first time to see a game this summer for the first time and I see I can purchase a couple of tickets in Section T1 behind the Visitors Bench in Row 3.
Like the idea of being down close to field level and close to my Visiting team, but was wondering what the view is like in the stadium, especially that low down?
Are you still able to follow the play fairly well, or how is the angle? other option I saw, in that same T1 section (I like the price point) is Rows 11-13 there are some seats close to the 20 yard line. My only concern is that I see that there might be a railing there from where you enter down under the that 'railing' much of a concern, does it affect your sight lines?....

Overall, how is the stadium for sight lines to watch a game?
As I said, first time coming to Montreal, and first time seeing a game there, so pretty pumped.
Any help would be appreciated....


Personally I don't think that row 3 would be too low. I was in row 1 in Moncton and a lot was blocked out by the players.
In both stadiums the first row is about 10 feet off the ground but in Montreal the bench is a lot closer so you prob have a view over the players head's....Also the most expensive seats are in rows 1 and 2 along that side of the stadium

I don't think you will have a problem with the railing if you go to 13...There are railings all over the stadium and I have never heard any complaints

Which game are you coming to?

I’m buying 4 tickets for each of the August 1 and 8 games but no way I’m buying it till there is a CBA in place.

Im sure they would be refunds for cancelled games

I am coming in for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers game on July 11th....there damn well better be a season, as I am pumped about seeing Montreal and getting to see the Bombers play in that stadium!