Seats at BC Place

I heard they were going to replace the seats at BC Place before the Olympics. That won't be soon enough. They are small & terrible for vibrations.

Maybe I'm the only one that always ends up being surrounded by big gallooks that kick your seat with their knees & feet every couple of minutes, sending a wave of beer over my hand each time & then they need to do a bam bam bam slap the top of the seats with every play, spilling even more of my beer.

No doubt that bigger seats, with cup holders & better insulation materials would definitely decrease my spillage costs.
I'm sure there are worse seats at some sorry stadium somewhere else....

yes there are worse seats try fenway park in boston they are awfull and old, i have been there and apperently yankee stadium is the same.

I've never noticed a problem with the seats. When someone's invading my space, I usually tell them (nicely) and don't have much of a problem - usually I've already made friends with those around me anyhow. Most fans are pretty accomoodating if you just communicate with them.

Gee thanks debralynn for your advise. I guess even though I thought to let people know "nicely" that they were "invading my space", I just never thought to group hug everyone in my section and make them my buddy before kickoff. That has to be why I would have this problem & you never do. I'll be sure to make everyone my friend at the next game and sing the Barney song to any of those uncoordinated guys that have already had a few too many, and that should solve the problem.Thanks again. Cheers.

easy solution, leave the beer at home

If you don't want responses, don't whine over spilt beer. You're at a football game, people move around.

If you're having problems, your bad attitude might be contributing...there was no need to be sarcastic - was just making a suggestion.

your piss poor attitude no wonder people pick on you! I would'nt want your sarcastic attitude next to me either! do everyone a big favour! keep your misse4rable ass at home! but thanks again for showing your true colors! much appreciated Ta 4 now! GMAFBB!

I have to disagree with someone that thinks it's perfectly o-k to act like a jerk at a game, bothering people that actually want to watch it, yet re-act to sarcasm on a blog site like it was a heinous crime. All the replies make the judgement that this would never happen to someone that is as cheerful & friendly as you are or if you asked them nicely enough to stop that they just would...well the reality happens to some of the nicest people in the world & some jerks get worse when asked nicely. Fortunately for anyone that has had an unpleasant situation, the Lions organization does consider constant kicking of a seat, pummeling a seat & blowing a horn within inches of someones ear as being a bad fan and unacceptable & are extremely accommodating in finding new seats for the people that have experienced this type of inconsiderate behaviour.

The seats in BC Place are 19 inches across to accomodate big butts.

The seat installation for BC Place was done in 1982 by a company called Bezanson. They installed 59,773 seats.

Worse seats are those in Olympic Stadium in Montreal. They are the same exact original seats from when that Stadium opened for the Olympics in 1976 and are very hard on your butt.

i say everytime lions are on defense everyone just stands up and just screams very loud. =) that way your not sitting half the time.

I was at the West Final last year, and i was stuck between two big guys in a corner, and my knee was screwin up on me bad, but thats a part of the game.

I've had much worse times with people at GM Place, who sit there and drink beer and do nothing but talk as loud as they can in your ear and not even paying attention to the game. Again as much as I was ready to blow up, and say man I know people who'd kill to be in your seat right now (espescially in the Club Seats section which I don't think anybody watches the games at).

Sometimes you'll go and people will be really annoying, but other times you'll go and they won't be so much. Just try and focus on the game, I have major social anxiety problems, so I can't just get up and talk to everyone either, but I will be yelling as loud as I can during Defense, and completely silent during Offense (which was a huge problem at BC Place in the West Final last year). Try to get into it and let out as loud of a yell as you can, turn around and just ask someone if you can point that horn up in the air and not in your ear, as I agree with you, if someone did that to me you just have to really get the guts to ask them before they really ruin your game. Its hard to control other people, but just be nice about it too, just be like "hey i don't mean to be a nag, but man that horn is right in my ear, can you just try and point it up a bit". And I find i get headaches a lot at games dependin on whose sitting around me, so just bring a tylenol just in case. The games can be really fun, just try this advice, and if not go to security or something.

As far as seats, im' 200lbs 5'10, it can get really cramped, and sometimes your knees are gonna touch somebodys and it sux. It happens in nearly every stadium in the world every night, and has happened to me at GM place a lot, and Pacific Coliseum. Just try and stand up and move your leg around as much as you can, and somebody might be able to notice that and try and squeeze together, but some guys, like my dad, are a lot bigger than me and he's 6'2 240lbs and its really hard to sit beside him when its soldout around you.

I hope you'll go again and have a much better time. I can't guarantee it, but for me its hit or miss, but if I can focus on the game I can have a lot of fun.

It isn't like this was my first time to a Lions game, I've been going to Lion & Canucks games for many years back to the Empire Stadium & Coliseum days, and have been to a few other stadium & arena's. That's why I asked the question about the seats at BC Place...because in all these years it is the only venue that I seem to notice when someone behind me is being "overly restless". Since the consensus seems to be that the seats aren't any worse than anywhere else, then I guess it's something with me (though I really don't think it has anything to do with my personality) Anyway, enough said on this subject...I liked Swabes suggestion, we should just stand & yell for our defence.