Seating question

Hello all. Just bought my Grey cup tickets and as there is a larger group of us my selection wasn’t all that special. But Just wondering if I made the right decision. I could have had sec 149 row ss which looks like its in the endzone, but instead I took section 447 row ff and gg, which appears to be around the 15-20 yard line. Did I make the right decision?? How are my seats. The only time I have been to the big O was in 2001 and the seats were junk 3rd row back of the endzone. So I think I improved on them.

Can’t wait to be there to watch the Riders repeat!!!

I hope

Hey man, yes in my opinion the middle 400 seats are much better than the end zone seats. My Grey Cup tickets are in the end zone but I took them anyway because they are in my season ticket package. Personally I would rather sit up in 400 section. You are totally right the end zone seats do suck! Good choice buddy! If my Alouettes do not make it to the Grey Cup (knock on wood) send me a msg i'll gladly sell you mine cost price if you want to bring some more buddies to the game with you! I'm not interested in watching any other team than my Alouettes!