Seating capacity at Taylor Field

Are there any other Rider fans out there who are ROYALLY PISSED OFF at the fact Taylor field had shrunk its maximum seating capacity to 28,800!? For the first time in my entire life, me and my friends were rejected from attending a game, this being the Sunday 23rd game against the Stampeders. My brother was told by the lady at the ticket office that this new capacity limit bullshit is partly to do with the new Jumbotron taking up all that space in the one end-zone. To me this just isn't right. I remember how the commentators and other personel from the team used to joke about how there is always room for one more at Taylor Field. This is just pure conjecture but I have a feeling this new 28,800 cap has more to do with what Montreal has done with their home games than it has to do with any overgrown Jumbotron . WOULD, OR SHOULD THEY HAVE PUT THE DAMN THING IN AT ALL IF IT WAS GOING TO LIMIT SEATING CAPACITY SO DRASTICALLY!?!?
But I digress... It's well known that Montreal's Percival-Molson stadium has been sold out for every home game dating back several years, and that it will probobly be sold out for every game next year, due to their small seating capacity of around 21,500. I think the Rider bigwigs have listened to all the hype on TSN and whatnot about how they're such a successful franchise and said, "Whoa guys, maybe we should try and copy what they're doing! Yes, because we're stupid and unoriginal!" And that is why you will notice the Rider's ATTEMPTING to sell 28,800 for every game, instead of 23,000 for one week and then 45,000 the next. This is their plan! To do what the alouettes are doing coz its the trendy new thing, and makes things so much easier for them on the business side.
WELL GET A GRIP YOU EXECUTIVES AND GRAB SOME COMMON SENSE WHILE YOU'RE AT IT! This approach will hurt the fans and the team greatly in the future. I mean c'mon, do you really think that those same 10,000 or 20,000 fans who were turned away for this sundays battle against Calgary will simply go to a thursday night game next year against Ottawa for example!? NO!!! You will just simply lose those fans PERIOD. I may not even spend another $225 on voucher tickets next year because i may not even get to use them, like that 2 for 1 coupon they sent me. What the use is that now!?!?!? I don't want to come off as an to all you people, but this is a terrible situation that needs to be looked into, and i haven't heard the media say a damn thing about it.
My friend and I often debate the merits of the CFL vs. NFL. One point he makes is that the general atmosphere for NFL games is made so much greater because the stadiums are all filled with 50k or60k even 80,000 fans. The labour day game I attended in 03 was superb, precisely because there were over 45,000 yelling and screaming fans. In fact it's a little over the top, which is what makes it so fun. Well I guess those days are over. Let's shut the doors to our die hard fans so we can be like Montreal!

why can't they just add a few more seats and bring the total up to 30,000. I'm sure that is what they did for the 2003 GC.

your complaining that thier capasity is 28 800???

they've only hit that capasity ONE TIME all year!!!!
obviously if they can't fill 28 800 more than 2ice a year, then they DON'T need more seats....fill the ones they have every game b4 adding more....
or your just adding more empty seats!!!!! interesting hypothesis Python but probably not the reality you make it out to sensible business plan would limit the amount of seats available in return for the 'hype' of being able to advertise that it's product is sold out.....Montreal has this situation today because that is simply how big their stadium is (20,202 btw) not because the mgmt limited the seating capacity by choice.....and did you not catch wind of the major expansion they are planning for their grounds?.....

........I think the problem evidencing itself here is not one of poor rider mgmt but one of you snooze you lose, Python, why did you wait to the last minute to try to get tickets?.......

they are averaging 25 454 in a 28 800 seat stadium for the '05 season.....WHY do they need more seats??? ( 3 336 empty seats per game )

so they can have 25 454 people in a 40 000 seat stadium ( 14 546 empty seats )???

There has been talk since February that this was going to be a big game...With Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo coming back...Around labor day the Riders were saying they already sold around 80%of there seats...By putting a cap on attendance it creates an urgency to get your tickets....To blame the riders for you not having a ticket is just stupid...If you know you are going to the game buy early...

Can someone in Regina please tell me why a new stadium cannot be built for 35,000 fans to replace what appears to be a delapidated Taylor Field. If not in Regina, how about Saskatoon?

They'd never move the stadium to Saskatoon, although as a kid growing up in Saskatoon I loved the idea. :slight_smile: The team is community-owned, and I'm sure there's enough sentiment et al to keep the team in Regina, never mind that I remember that proposal coming up on here once, and there were a lot of people from Regina and the surrounding area who said they wouldn't drive to Saskatoon for a game. Kinda unfair to say that, but regardless, I don't think it'll happen.

As for replacing Taylor Field in Regina, I also doubt the team has the money. The provincial gov't most likely doesn't have the money, and the feds probably wouldn't get involved until the city and the province said they would too.

Besides, as was stated previously, attendance is in the mid 20's on average, why build a stadium to sit nearly half empty except for the odd game or two?

Sorry to have jumped on answering when you requested someone from Regina, but having lived in the province for the first 26 years of my lil' life does give me a bit of knowledge on it.

I am not one for tax dollars going into anything, but why cant the city get the same sweatheart deal that the crooks in Toronto are for the current soccer stadium. Of the $63M allegedly that will cost to build, the city of Toronto is putting in only $9M. With the province and the federal government coughing up nearly the full balance. It happened big time years ago when we the tax payers got fleeced big time for $600M in building of the Skydome and $1B for the Olympic stadium in Montreal.

I'm going to say that part of it may be cause it's Saskatchewan, how many votes can you buy from the middle of the prairies? Especially Liberal votes? Although I guess Goodale is from a Regina riding, maybe there's a chance.....

But I bet per capita, it's cheaper to buy southern ontario and quebec votes than to buy prairie votes.....

Didnt I hear earlier this year how Regina did get some money from the city and province to do major repairs to the stadium, change rooms offices etc.. Involving millions of dollars. Didnt someone look into the possibility of building new versus repairs?

There is a capacity on seating for a reason, there is no more room in Taylor Field for anymore people than 28800. By allowing more people into the game this just inconveniences people who have already bought tickets. You talk about letting 45000 people into the stadium, where do you put them? I am not having anyone sit on my lap, and I think the rest of the crowd feels the same. It has nothing to do with hype about a sell-out, the Riders are a business and if they could sell more tickets to make more profit they would but at some point there is a limit (seating capacity) and they have to stop selling tickets, unfortunately.

Like R&W said if you snooze you lose.

You guys are completely missing the point.
Yes I'm a little upset that I couldn't get tickets for the game against the stamps, but I've already been to 2 games this year and will probobly make my way out to the Western semi-final wherever it is, so it's not as though this is a case of 'sour grapes'. I'll simply watch it on tv in the comfort of my living room.
My beef is that for many years the Riders policy was that there was always room for more. Obviously there has to be some point where safety becomes a factor and you may need to turn some fans away, but I remember the Riders quite regularly selling around 30k or 35k for big games.
And YES I KNOW that in Grey Cup years, a significant amount of extra seating was brought in, mainly for the Big Show, and only temporarily. It's also not as though I think we would sell 45,000 tickets just because the seats are there.
Well what about "Hemorrhoid Hill"? I've sat there a couple times, but now I believe they aren't allowing fans there anymore, because of the Jumbrotron. I was telling the honest truth about what the lady from the Rider ticket office said regarding the Jumbotron eliminating seating. I didn't just make that up!
And as for my rant about the Allouettes, their stadium, and how it pertains to the current scheme of the Roughriders, I am basing that on pure conjecture as was stated in my original post. I know at least one of you who replied need to look up the word 'conjecture' in the dictionary.

I just also wanted to mention that I don’t believe the reason for the cap is to generate any sort of extra ‘hype’ from having the stadium sold out, but rather because it is more desirable on the management end of things to have a consistent number of fans per game, rather than say 22,000 one week and an overload of 40, 000 the next. I could see this being a thorn in their side, and my hypothesis is that they have come up with a cap to remedy this situation, when they should have done nothing but step aside and let the fans support their team!