Seating and Views at the "New" Empire Stadium

Question for you guys, regarding Seasons Tickets at the "New" Empire Stadium.
We have been following the progress of the New Stadium, and are rather impressed in the fact, that it seems to be going up so quickly.
Having said that, we have also received our new seats for the season that is very rapidly approaching, and that all of us, can hardly wait for.
But the one concern that I have, with the New Stadium, as oppossed to our seats at BC Place, is the placement of the Vertical Posts, that support the roof of the Stadium.
What if?......those vertical posts, were to "Block" or "Obstruct" a Seasons Ticket holders ( or any ones view, for that matter) view of the game or the field?
Will those seats be "Marked Down" accordingly, to compensate for the less than desireable view point?
Unfortunately, due to the design and the fact, that verticals are neccesary to support the the Lions take into account, that a few of their fans, will be affected by those Posts, blocking their view of the game ( Or the Cheer Leaders! LOL) ?
We have Premium Tickets for all the games, which are the more expensive of the 3 price structures, that are offered by the Lions.
I have to say, that I would be some what really "pissed" if...our view was Blocked by any of those verticle posts.
At BC Place, that was never ever a concern for any of us, no matter where you chose to sit for any of the games.
What do you guys think?
Should their be a price reduction, or some form of compensation for any of the Fans ( Whether that be a Season Ticket holder or just a casual walk up Fan) , who get stuck right behind one of the posts?
Just wondering what you think?
Hey, someone has to get stuck behind them, but what if, that some one is "YOU"?

Should be but won't be for most. If a long time season ticket holder bitches about it, they may do something for next year but that's it.

complain, complain, complain,

Yeah, I saw the verticle posts and thought....just like the old Stadium. Oh well its only for this year. And those that want to continue playing there after this year, may YOUR seat be directly behind one of these posts!

As I see it, you have 3 choices to this dilemna: 1. Cancel your tickets and listen to Rick Ball's play-by-play on Team 1040, 2. Recognize that a roof under this kind of budget can not be engineered without such supports, and stop complaining, or... 3. Volunteer to hold it up so your view won't be obstructed.

First off Steve,
The Post was not meant as a was just an obvious Question, that had to be asked
We happen to have Premium Tickets, ( The Best seats in the House) so we are not subject to having our view blocked, by any of the vertical posts, in our section of the Stadium.
Our concern, was for the vertical posts in the "Cheaper Seat" section of the Stadium, which will surely be blocking some Fans view.
What with you being on a Pasta budget Steve, ( Just a wild guess, based on your profile name lol) I am sure that you could probably relate, to the draw backs of sitting in the Lower priced seats, at sporting events such as this one.
We were just thinking of others Steve, and how the Lions could offer something to them, for having their views obstructed by the Verticals.
Once again, it was just a question, not a complaint.
Steve may be?....If you had your own money invested in some Seasons Tickets, you might be a little less sarcastic and a lot more sympathetic, to the Fans who get stuck behind those posts.
I know, that we are..

Your question is a legitimate one Backer@Empire. I'm a little surprised that others would see it as a complaint and take shots at you like that. If I paid for a pair of tickets and ended up seated behind one of those pillars I'd be a little ticked off too- especially if I were buying seasons tickets at over a grand.

It would seem reasonable that fans whose view of the field is significantly hampered would receive some sort of a discount. Unlike ending up behind some guy who is 6'11" sitting in front of you, which management has no control over, in the case of those pillars it's a different case.

If you call the head office you will probably get your answer.....and one not oozing with silly sarcasm.

anywere you sit in empire is going to be unbilevable i was in there the other visting a friend of mine working on it and it is unreal right on top of the play any were you sit, i tell you right know people are not going to want to go back to bc place after they see this.

I remember sitting through games at the old Empire facility. It was electric when it was dry weather; but on those cld and wet November nights - trying to see the game through all the umbrellas, all you could think of was how great it would be if the Lions could play indoors. I can't wait for the new roof - the best of both worlds, with a massive centre 4-way, HD replay monitors. I believe that 2010-11 will be a great season with nostalgic value, but it will also serve to make us better appreciate what we have had and have to come at BC Place.

You go have a seat behind the post !

Great post.

And being under cover doesn't do anything for you when you walk in the pouring rain, get soaked and have that October wind blow at you. Pasta Steve, your last line says it all !!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

that is the sacrafice you take when you watch a sporting event outside, it does rain here it is going to rain during some lions games, and probebly a couple of bad weather games in october and november, everybody complained when we are in that hot sauna ( bc place the way it was) and know we are going outside everybody still complains.

The official sport of people in Vancouver is complaining. Doesn't matter what stadium the Lions are in, people will still cry about something.