seat selection dates

A platinum seat holder with 2 years seniority will pick before a gold seat holder, but can only pick platinum seats (no downgrades). The gold ticket holder with 50 years seniority will get to pick from pretty much every gold seat, plus have the opportunity to pick from remaining platinum seats at a discounted price. The silver seat holder gets his/her pick of all the silver seats, plus an option to upgrade to either golds or remaining platinums. Etc. Etc.

Overall, it is about as fair a process as can be. I would argue the senior gold and silver seat holders are in a better position than platinum subscribers, with guaranteed great seats in their section plus an upgrade option. The only gripe I have is extending the gold and platinum sections into the first few rows of the upper deck, but this is similar to other CFL venues (and let's face it, those seats are at least as good as the top of the lower level.). This will directly affect me, my silver seats are now gold at THF.
I'm pretty impressed with the way the Ticats are handling this process. The seat sections and pricing map over the old IWS pretty closely except where the seats no longer exist. Take a look at all the complaints in Winnipeg and you'll see that most of the gripes have been addressed.

I'm booking to go in on Monday September 30.

I don't like the way the sections and aisles match up to the field. Given a fixed section and aisle width, there would be more seats in close proximity to the 55 yard line if they put an aisle right down the 55 rather than have a section straddling the 55. The approach they've taken wastes two aisle widths worth of seating between the 45 yard lines instead of one aisle width worth of seating.

Really? An aisle is about three seats wide (I'm being generous). The net impact on each side is half an aisle, or about 1.5 seats per row. If that is the most serious issue... things be rockin'!

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Maybe you think IWS rotated 90 degrees clockwise, but the team benches rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise (and switched between the visitor and home bench locations).

The Ticats' benches will be at the SouthWest corner, and the visitors' benches are to their left.

The press box is behind the team bench, not across from the 'dugouts'. The TV coverage will be the back of the team on the sideline, not the Pizza Pizza decorations at IWS.

The best way to think about your THF seating is to compare the benches to where they are located this year in Alumni Stadium.

A little off topic but why would they put both teams on the same sidelines in the new stadium?
It makes it much more difficult for substituting players during the game.

I'm thinking of it in a different way.

I see the major aspect change tied to the press boxes and broadcast booths and the fact on-field activities (cheerleaders, presentations, etc) focused on the south stands in IWS and will now focus on the west-side seats and booths.

I've become accustomed to having on-field events facing me in IWS's Box C and would want the same in THF on the west side.

Things like the players benches are mobile and can be easily moved, unlike major permanent structures like the booths and the fact the THF west side (like the south stands in IWS) will be the focus of attention.

It looks like there are more rows in the east side upper deck. Specifically I am looking at silver.
Am I correct or am I imagining this?

All due respect gentleman, and not to be the topic police, but you guys have taken this thread too far off topic.

Can we get back to stating our selection dates and price point?

I tried finding a public viewing of the virtual view from certain sections within Tim hortons fielf on the stadium website. Does anyone have a link they can share so I can take a peak at the different views from different points in the stadium? Or are the views still off limits to non season seat holders? Thanks

Season ticket holder since 1965 and moved to Box D in 2012(platinum). We’re not able to go to Guelph. Our selection date is Oct. 10. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Season seat holder since 2006 in the silver section. I renewed for 2013 and have a selection date for Oct 18th...

I am in the platinums and pick on Setember 24.

I have been a season ticket holder since 1996 in silver, I did not renew in 2013. Am I being penalized for that.
My seletion date is October 22nd.

Season ticket holder since 1972 but did not renew in 2013. Gold seats. October 10th.

Similar situation here & exact same feelings however pick date is slated for Sept 30th. As I mentioned to my "rep" a few weeks ago, I will log in & review what is available as they are not flexible with group selection. I will also be deciding at that time how I really feel how the org has treated the season ticket holders & changed the rules that apply as it fits to them.
At this point I believe in, you get what you give & the org has given me pain, so I ensure I give it right back, fair is fair. I may only renew for the 2014 season & then dump my seats / section that I've have since 2005. Completely frustrated as a TiCat fan & as a longer term season ticket holder than they have on record, but I don't need to get into that in this thread.


I understand how you feel guys but in the long run I think you will get close to what you want. The tier 1 tier 2 thing was a kick in the teeth but in the overall scheme of things it will amount to not that much. How many season tickets are there in Guelph that will have seniority over you? I dont think that many. As far as sitting with friends who have a much later pick than you thats a choice you have to make. It would be a lot less fair to allow groups to sit together
based on the highest selection in the group. I lose part of my group too. I think eventually we will all work or way back together.

Season seat holder since 1999, did not renew in 2013 because of Guelph. Selection date is November 1st, however it will be much later than that because of group seating.

I think your looking at it wrong tcmik... It may seem like a penalty but its more of an appreciation thing for fans that did renew. I myself could feel like I was penalized for a season I couldn't commit to in 2005. Before that, I was a holder since 1996 as well.

gold pick oct 15