seat selection dates

Oct 24th


Inception date: 1954 (60th anniversary!)

Selection window: Sept 23 - 10:30am

thanks Dad!

Wow!!! That's amazing Karen.

I would guess that puts you near the top as far as seniority goes.

I agree with Fenderguy, with an inception date of 1952, I’m willing to bet you are near or at the top of the gold tier. You should have plenty of great seats to chose from. I have no doubt you’ll get those aisle seats in 103 or 104 you want.

Congrats man!! Oskee Wee Wee

As it was explained to me Fenderguy, if I wanted to upgrade to platinum this year, I would have to wait until all current platinum seat holders have chosen no matter how long I had my tickets. I could have held my gold seats for 100 years and still wouldn't bump someone that has held there platinums since 2012.

Conversely, the same rule would apply if I wanted to downgrade to another price point. If I chose to take silvers I will pick last in the silver tier.

wow. fantastic support by karen, Dan_here and others.

The only person I know of with a longer contnuous tenure is poster Wilf, who is 86 years old and has been a STH since the early 40's, (including season's tickets for BOTH the Tigers and Wildcats before the merger) and has watched HOFers Joe Krol and Jimmy Simpson play during that period.

incredibly, that is approximately 70 years of consecutive support!

kudos to all for being such loyal and committed fans to the organization.

slow clap

That kind of dedication deserves a thread of its own. Thank you for sharing that info tangledweb. The wife and I were just discussing whether anyone that watched the Tigers or Flying Wildcats play still go to games. You've answered that question.

Wilf, thank you sir. You truly helped pioneer the CFL I enjoy today through your continuous support.

If it is the "Wilf" ( I suspect it is ) who now posts from and now lives in Elliot Lake,.....he continues to support the Cats monetarily even though he is far removed from the area , says a lot to me, about the heart and soul of him and other the long time season ticket holders ......Bless you all !

I've been a season ticket holder since 1989 and in the Platinum section (Box C) for a number of years (gradually moving closer to field level from Section 25).

I wasn't able to renew this year so I'm now rated as Tier 2 and my appointment is Mon Sept 30.

With the stadium orientation being rotated 90deg clockwise vs Ivor Wynne, my similar (and preferred) section to Box C will now be on the west side, stretching from section 104 (seats 1-8) thru 105 (all seats) to 106 (seats 1-8).

I've had to accept being knocked down to Tier 2 despite promises of first choice when renewing in 2012 but I feel I could be penalized further if I decide to go with "group" seating.

I've sat with a relative for approx 16 years and then brought our wives on board in mid-2000 but because he is a newer subscriber (1996) and his wife (her own season ticket) is even newer (20xx), we would have to go with her date re seat selection in Tim Horton's Field.

There is a way to possibly work around this but I feel I'm being penalized, as a 23 year subscriber, in the process if we decide to still sit together.

The reasoning was explained to me but that doesn't erase the feeling of being kicked in the teeth a second time after being a loyal fan for all these years :frowning:

I'll just have to wait and see what's available on my selection date and if it's not the equivalent (or close to) my Ivor Wynne seating experience, painfully, I feel I'll have to pass.

Not looking for sympathy... just stating the frustrating facts.

A lot of folks are in the same situation with friends etc...... You have didn`t say what there selection date is?
As far a "possibly work around" make sure if your thinking about extra tickets under your own name you read
the applicable rules. My understanding is if you ask for extra tickets in your area there is NO guarantee you will get the two extra seats beside you! The old limited availability applies.

I was knocked down to tier two as well I felt slighted at the time. In the end there is not much of a difference in selection dates maybe a row or a seat or two.

I would think also that there will be room maybe not in 2014 but later to move to better seats, closer to friends etc.
My buddy "the fan from Japan" bought season tickets for 7 years while he was in Japan just to support the team. He gave the tickets away. The last year he could not afford a ticket. (cost of moving home to Canada etc.) So penalized he is.

It will work out in the end.
TCMIK :smiley:

I still think the seat selection should go first by senority only not because you paid more for your seats

Question for clarification. Do you mean that the highest seniority season seat holders can pick anywhere in the stadium regardless of what their price category was/is? Ie; A 50 year Silver can pick platinums ahead of a 40 year platinum holder if they so desired?


Not too sure that's really fair & equitable. The team has made more money from their platinum holders over the years than they have the other price categories. At old IWS, their was no additional cost to providing a platinum versus gold seat. So the club made more on a per seat basis. I don't see a problem with the club saying our platinum holders get first dibs on platinums by seniority & so on & so on per level. If a silver were able to supercede a current platinum holder by jumping up or a platinum superceded a gold by dropping down, that to me would be unfair.

I’m pretty sure in that video they used a Cougar and not a Tiger.

Probably because the Cougar isn’t endangered and more available for video shoots.

Just sayin’

I tried finding a public viewing of the virtual view from certain sections within Tim hortons fielf on the stadium website. Does anyone have a link they can share so I can take a peak at the different views from different points in the stadium? Or are the views still off limits to non season seat holders? Thanks

If a gold seat holder has more senority they should be able to pick first ie a platinum seat holder with 2 years season seat packages picks before a gold with 20 now is that really fair or because the richer people get more status

I don't really see it as the richer getting status. I see it as a business rewarding its highest paying customers with priority. For instance, suite holders get to select before myself, platinum holder - 33 yrs seniority. But that doesn't affect me since they're selecting suites not platinums. If I wanted to upgrade to a suite, should my 33 year status in platinums bump someone who had a suite this year or last year or the years before?

It's the same thing. The gold holder selects within gold. Platinum selects within platinum. Why should someone who had every opportunity to upgrade in year's past now be able to bump someone in a category above them?

you are biased no need to continue this discussion

My apologies. Wasn't intending to be based. Just trying to understand your viewpoint & logic.

Correct me if I'm wrong, and I will admit I'm wrong as I have in this forum before, but for clarification you're saying that a person who has, let's say 35 years to my 34, and they've been in Section 7 during their tenure, that they should be able to select before me who has been in Box I their tenure? Are you saying they should be able to select in platinum where they haven't been sitting ahead of me where I have been sitting and paying because they have a year on me?

Again, just trying to understand your view & thought process.