seat selection dates

I’m new to the forum and wondering what anyone thinks about the season ticket holders selection process. Care to share what level seats you have and when you pick. Hoping I get good ones!

We're in Silver (considering Golds) and we select Oct 10thish....anyone else?

I have silver with a selection date of October 22nd. But they have the wrong date for my original season ticket purchase.
I bought my fist ticket prior to December 23rd 1994.

"The CFL imposed a strict set of four conditions in October, 1994 that the Tiger-Cats had to meet by Dec. 23, 1994 or the franchise would be revoked. The target of 12,500 season tickets was considered the most difficult condition and the daily update received a great deal of media attention. One week before the deadline, the Tiger-Cats announced at centre field of Ivor Wynne that 13,287 season tickets were sold and the 125-year old tradition of football in Hamilton was preserved. The DRIVE FOR ’95 was a resounding success because of the support of the alumni, business community, the City of Hamilton, the Region of Hamilton-Wentworth and, most importantly, the fans"

I was one of those that started my season ticket years at that time, and it has been ongoing no missed years.
They tell me I have a January 1996 Date.

I`ll be on the phone tomorrow!

they did the same with my tickets.. there off by 3 years.. im not happy @ all and will also be making a phone call :cowboy:

Guys, relax.

There might be 10,000 season ticket holders carrying over to next year.
The difference between 94 and 96 is negligible at best. You might see a difference of one row... Maybe.

The more I think about it 10,000 seems high.
Remember they gave away a ton of tickets yesterday.

I've had tickets for over 35 years in Gold and select on Oct 3rd. I'm currently sitting on the 52 yardline. In the new stadium there are no seats in the lower bowl closer than the 30. Upper bowl has rows 9 and up as gold at mid field. Not real happy about this as I thought even the top of the lower bowl would have a few rows of gold near mid field. I'm not paying any extra for platinum as I could end up lower bowl near the 30 as previous platinum ST holders will have priority over any gold regardless of seniority. Also looks like there is not a very extreme angle so we could be farther from the field of play than Ivor Wynne (ya...and I know we were spoiled by no real sidelines) Thank God there is no track.

Platinum. Selection Date is Monday, September 23rd. Looking forward to it!

I’m in the golds and will be selecting Oct10 at 10:30 am.

In Virtual Venue I am unable to view from any seat and only get a couple of viewing options from any section. Is it my computer is too old?

They have each section split into four of five bands, each about 5-6 rows deep. The view from row 3 is pretty much the same as the view from row 5, so they combined them. Nothing to worry about. The only thing missing form the virtual venue is the really tall guy with the big hat that always shows up in the row in front of me.

I am a relative newbie, bought silver tickets a couple of years ago and carried them through this year to Guelph. My date is something like October 22. I might be upgrading to Golds so I can get into the lower section, I don't want to be outside the 30 yard line and the lower silvers are pretty much end zone seats. It's actually not too different from Ivor Wynne, except the first few rows of the upper deck where my silver seats were are now upgraded to gold - I can't get the first row any more. This is similar to what they did in Winnipeg at IGF.

i'm in the family zone, just bought my first seasons tickets last year so I could get the price guarantee in the new stadium, selecting my seat on Nov 11th. My father had seasons tickets from '72'-'02' before he passed at the young age of 47. The last year at Ivor Wynne was a good reason to start getting my own season seats and keep the tradition going, he would have loved to see a new stadium built. He raised a true die hard Tiger Cat fanatic :slight_smile:

Interesting my ticket inception date is 1996 (no interruption) and my selection date is also October 22nd. I also have silver.
Tells you something about the number of season ticket holders?

I've had seasons since 2007 and I sit in the bronze. I think my selection date is oct 31st. Kind of sucks to see that the bronze section is now on the upper tier. But what can you do. Me and my buddy who have the seats are going to see how it is for a year and upgrade if necessary.

I've had gold in Sec 26 but thinking about platinum. I'll see what's there on October 23rd.
The virtual venue is pretty cool. :slight_smile:

I've had season tickets for only a few seasons in the silver band. Was in section 27 at IWS just above the walkway. That was near 35 yard line. Can't get anywhere near there unless you care gold now or in the stratosphere of the upper deck. My ticket pick date is Oct 28th.

My family has had 4 Golds continuously since 1952 (thanks DD) and once the 'new' North stands were built in the 70s has had 4 seats in the back row of Box J.

My selection date is October 3rd, after all the platinum holders are done their picking. Top priority in the assignment of dates is the level of seats you had in 2012. I know the 2012 platinum holders won't take all the golds so I hope to see you from the aisle in Box 104 or Box 103 - the areas behind the team bench. The new top row at THF has a glass wall behind it, so we can't hop over a rail to get out as as easily as in the past. The top row will be just a memory, as will dumping my beer as I jumped to congratulate our defence. I will keep my beer in the classy holder and run up the aisle during the commercials to get my exercise.

Oskee wee wee

That's great & I hope & am pretty sure that a long standing season seat holder like yourself will get good seats & most likely the ones you're looking for.

It's my understanding, that if you were to downgrade your tix, which you have to do before the selection process begins, that you give up your selection date/time & get realigned with the others in that pricing category. Ie; you move from Platinum down to gold, you're now in with golds and then they apply your seniority. Long way of saying that I don't think many, if any platinum holders can take the gold seats away from you due to your seniority.

My inception date is 01-01-1981. Platinum pricing. Our selection date in September 23rd @ 1:30. So, it appears there's not a lot of time between us. I'm sure you'll get you choices.

Can't help but wonder how many people pick seats each day.

I wondered the same. Our ticket rep told us we were at 8th in seniority for Platinum before the 2013 season in Guelph. So based upon that and based upon a business day that starts at 9am and the fact that we pick @ 1:30pm on the 1st day of seat selection, I'm guessing half hour increments?

I have been a season seat holder since 2008 and I sat in the endzone seats at the old stadium and I will be picking my seats on November 14.