Seat recommendations at Ivor Wynne Stadium

Hey Everyone,

I know some older friends that are considering jumping on the bandwagon next season after the success of the team this year. They are older they want a place where the music isn't too loud, I know a few sections are closer to the speakers does anyone have a section they would recommend or or some section of the stadium that they should avoid? I wanted to give them a good idea before they called into the office. Any info is appreciated.


Check out section 26 as close to the field as you can get down in the middle. I sat there for years and loved the sight lines and the neighbours. I wish I could still be there...

We have seasons in sec. 22 row 11 (sat there for the playoff but had sec. 22 row G during the season) and don't find the music too loud and the price is good if that's a consideration. Nowhere near centre, you're behind the goal line but as I say if price is a consideration, then you might want to consider it.

North side section 5 is my fav ... no sun in your eyes, warm sun in the fall, but the speakers are way to loud, 2 out of 3 aint bad I guess.

We're in Section 26 right on the 55 yard line.

Love the sight lines - love the people around us - HATE HATE HATE the volume of the speakers.

So load we wear ear protection.

For an older couple I’d avoid Box G & H. For the most part its OK but when there is a big game it can get rowdy. Personally I’d pick Section 6, 8 , 25, 27 as the best buys. 6 & 8 get the sun 25 & 27 are shaded and probably it bit quieter. Stay out of Section 5 its a group sales section. If you want the discounted seat prices and drinking isn’t your thing the family zone is the way to go. I’ve used all of these seats and I’ve been assigned to all of them as a CAT team member. If I was going to get seasons I’d go for section 27 or 8.

Plan on getting better seats for next year so I went down to the stadium on the weekend the gate was opened so I checked it out first hand and the gate was open again today, I like the box seats on the south side lots of leg room

I thought this was a thread about what kind of seats the stadium should have, like...seats with armrests. And more leg room.

whatever seats you can afford man, just get to the game!

i've sat in every part of Ivory Wynn, and i've always thought the experience was awesome. just get there!


HOF Club seats... If you're looking for comfort, an amazing view, great food that actually includes FRESH ingredients, clean bathrooms, less noise and no stairs - THAT'S the place to sit. Plus, you can say Hi to visiting Hall of Fame players from time to time. The only down - the antique planes fly right over the top of the place, so you don't get a good look at them at all.

Unfortunately the stadium has not good seating for older people. Most seats with no backs and wooden or steel benches.
Loud loud annoying music

young or old the endzone is the place to be :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Section 22! My buddy has seats there! Great people and always seems to be a retired star sitting a few rows up,