Seat numbering

I was just on the Ticketmaster site and noticed something I had not noticed before. Not sure what it is like in other sections at THF but I just noticed on the Upper East side the seat numbering is not consistent.

For the games I've been at so far I've been in Section 217 - on the upper east side and in that section the seat numbers start at 1 at the north end of the section - closest to section 216 - and end at seat 30 in each row at the south end of the section - closest to Section 218. The same is true for sections 215, 216 and 218.

But oddly for Sections 212, 213 and 214 the seat numbering is the reverse of that - at least it is on the Ticketmaster 'Choose Your Seat App'. In those three sections Seat 1 is at at the south end of the section closer to the higher numbered section - and seat 30 is at the north end of the sections.

So for the next home game the seats I have are in Section 213 and are seats 27 and 28. I had just assumed those seats would be towards the Section 214 side of the section which would mean I was going to be at about the 25 yard line. But instead it turns out those seats are over near section 212 at about the ten yard line. Not a big deal but a bit of a surprise and truth be told a little disappointing.

I wonder what the reasoning might be.

The lower numbered seats are closer to midfield. (except sections that are centred on midfield)
It was like that at Ivor Wynne too.

I know that not really a reason, but that's how it is.

Funny, I was in 213, seats 27 & 28, row 2 on Saturday and we were towards the north part of the section.
About the 18 yard line

The seats are not numbered in magic marker.................everything else is a moot point!

My season seats are in section 115 and seats 3-6. I was almost positive that when I selected those seats with my ticket rep in the Ticats Jarvis Street offices last September that they were on the South end of the row. I was surprised to learn once we got there that they were in fact closer to the North side of the section. Not a huge deal to me as the section is across midfield so I'm on the same yard line either way. We've met some great new neighbours so we certainly have no issues. Just surprised...

tickets for ANY venue should ALWAYS be numbered left to right facing the seats.

Any venue that I've visited always numbers left to right...just the way gawd intended it.

I just assumed that like most stadiums that go by section numbers were consistent throughout. I wasn't aware IWS used to be that way too.

Oh well I've learned my lesson for THF - so next time I'm ordering tickets on the phone (as I did with my flex packs) I'll make sure I know what end of the section I'm at. With the sections 30 seats wide on the east side - with the nice wider seats we have compared to the tiny butt space the magic markered numbers gave us on the benches at IWS - a 30 seat difference is about 15 yards.

So if I want to be closer to midfield within a section - ask for lower seat numbers. Now I know.

Checked some other stadiums on ticketmaster. Calgary and Saskatchewan are the same way as THF. Edmonton and Winnipeg are consistently the same direction. Skydump is just weird with the aisle being in the middle of each numbered section, and seats 1-10 being on one side of the aisle and seats 101-110 being on the other side.

Also, McGill does it the same as THF, Ottawa is the same as Edm & Wpg, and BC Place is the same as Skydump. Must be a dome thing.

I had a similar experience when I signed up for my season tickets.

Since I consider the THF west side equivalent to the south stands in Ivor Wynne (stadium rotated 90deg clockwise when seen from above), I had wanted to get similar seats to my location in Ivor Wynne (Box C, 50 yard line, first 5 rows). But per the season ticket seating layout, section 105 was pretty well full by the time I had my booking appointment :frowning:

I wasn't going to renew at all but 2 seats were available towards the north end of a row higher up in section 105 (behind the visitors bench). Disappointed but I did renew for at least one more season to see if I could live with the "downgrade".

I was (pleasantly) surprised when I arrived for the first game to see my seats were actually at the opposite end of the row, south end behind the TiCat's bench.

Higher than I would like to be so next year is undecided but another example of the in-office booking location differing from the actual seating layout in the stadium.