Seat Cushions

Hey guys,

I am new to being a season seat holder - I apologize if I had asked this months ago but I wasn't sure. I sit in the coors light reserved patio and the seats are flat metal and hard on the back / bottom.

I tried to contact guest services, and customer service and received no response. I also called the season ticket office to ask if cushions would be provided and I was told "They never have been" I know someone who had season tickets in this section last year, so I know that to not be the case.

So the Tigertown store no longer carries bleacher cushions so does anyone have any suggestions for where I can get one for a reasonable price ahead of Friday's game?

The exhibition game was unpleasant on my back and tailbone and while I really like the seats I feel like by not offering some sort of cushion they are really dropping the ball.

I found the bare wood bleachers of Ivor Wynne more comfortable than these seats.

Thanks in advance.

Canadian Tire has all kinds of seat cushions that can be tucked under the arm and brought in for every game. They are usually found in the automotive section or camping/hunting section. Some are even made of memory foam and are quite comfy and affordable starting at less than $20.

I have a couple of these and they work great. They roll up into small nylon bags with a drawstring.
Comfortable and keep your keester dry in the rain.

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I have "Stadium Seats" which include both the seat and back, and are joined by a strap. Used to use them when we had bench seating or grandstand seating.

Easy to carry, work well, but a bit of a nuisance when you stand up and they slip down between the seat and the seat back.

Good thing about CTC, if you wait long enough, it will come on sale!

Thanks, I will definitely checkout Canadian Tire and MEC, before Friday.

Very excited for a Canada Day home opener.

Why not just duct tape a pillow to your backside? :smiley:

Love it :thup: :thup: And I think we should all be using black and gold duct tape!

Of course, a few of us don't need to add the pillow :oops: