SeasonsTicket "Campaign" slogans...2007

Ok, enough with the niceties.....

next year we've gotta get nasty! :twisted:

the new slogan has to be "No More Mr. Nice Guy"

(Accompanying photo of Bob Young in full "Alice Cooper" make-up swinging a dead bat in the locker room)

Booo yah! :rockin:

any other suggestions?

how about “we can’t be any worse than last year”?

oh wait, i think i suggested that one last year. maybe not so good.

Dammit you stole mine :smiley:

After this....
YOUR life will look pretty good.

run.........and hide

Eat quiche

Stay to the end, beat the traffic

How about come and watch the Cats get the crap kicked out of them,one more time!


Forget the Comedy channel.

I like this one.

Now that is good.

Let me guess, either you are not married or your wife has absolutely no interest in this site.

actually... that slogan was really used by a pro sports team.

i believe it was something like the Buffalo Bisons (could be wrong on the name, but it was a buffalo team, and they were an arena league franchise)

they had won only one game this year before and that was their slogan. (commercials were shown on the local fox station, which apparently came in from buffalo at the time.)

okay and how did that turn out?

(btw, the local fox station is still and always has been from buffalo. at least in hamilton anyway.)

JL - Neither. I'm a counselor on occasion and watching the 'Cats this year has reminded me about the old saying joke about the person who beats their head against a wall because it feels so good when he/she stops

Let's go Retro go back to Few Years ago


"Hamilton Tiger Cats - Soaring to the Heavens in 2007"


Hamilton Tiger Cats win the Grey Cup

only on the history channel

ESPN Classic Canada