Season's Turning Point

Last Sunday was embarrassing. If the players took that loss to heart, if they were embarrassed as professionals, then it may be the turning point of the season. This team has underachieved all season. Sometimes a wake up call or hitting rock bottom can be the turning point in a season, career, or life. If the players want it they have the talent to win the Grey Cup. However, if they want to settle for mediocrity then that is already attained - no changes needed. Change is up to the individual. Every play...every yard...every hit is the difference between champion and participant. So far they have merely participated this season. They have five games to determine this season's legacy. A championship is within their grasp. They have to reach out and take it but it won't be easy. No one is going to hand it to them. The opposition wants it too. The question is: who wants it more?

good post. This is setting up to be a good game. Wish I could go to this one -- my loud and obnoxious vocal cords won't be able to bring it for the D this week!

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as stated. Let’s face it - 35 points should be enough to win a ball game.
Read my threads last year, where I mentioned the Cats biggest problem is not Offense - it is giving up more points than we score. We rarely stop drives cold. The fact is that we don’t have the talent on defense.
On defense, we give up:

  • way too many yards.
  • way too many points.
  • too few interceptions.
    That is our problem, as I see it - not motivation…
:thup: :thup: :thup:

The way I see it the next 2 games are must wins, "mediocrity can no longer be allowed to fly".