Seasons tickets

how many people here have season tickets..

i do...i have had the same seats since 2000, i bet alot of peopele here do

argos , SINCE 1989.

I do. Had seasons tickets between 1998-2002, and 2005 and counting...

I've been apart of the Alouettes family since 2000

I just got my alouette season tickets this year and couldnt be happier

current account since 2002, but have purchased season ducats from '92 til '96 and again in 2000

I have bombers season tickets. This is my first year though

Argos since 1993.

got seasons just this year, but have been going to games for 10 years. And basically had season tix the last 2 years since I went to almost every home game.

I had season tickets from 1996 to 2002. I just got season tickets again this season for the Argos.

No season tickets for me. My working schedule would have me miss too many games. You folks out in the east guzzling all our Alberta oil, has me working to the bone to keep your suv’s on the road.

Thats why we shut the city down for the Stampede, we
all need a ten day party. lol

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Or for Klondike Days for those in Edmonton (I so wanted to say "Spirit of Edmonton", but know that's more of a GC Week thing)

3rd year with Tiger-Cats season tickets. :thup:

There are no Klondike days anymore. They
wanted something hipper. LOL

Can someone from the `chuk remind me what the came up with, again?

Actually, we don't buy Alberta oil out east.(love the beef though) We get it all from Venezuela. We might have used Alberta oil, but, those 'Freezing in the Dark' bumper stickers you had a few years back REALLY hurt our feelings. heh.

I think most Alberta oil goes down to the U.S. Though most people find it hard to believe, the Yanks get more oil from Canada than from any other country, including Saudi Arabia! (It's kind of weird, because as a nation we produce enough oil to be self-sufficient, but because we export so much of it, we have to import from other countries to meet our demand. Only in Canada, eh?)

On the original topic, I've had Ticat season tickets since 1995...and in my current location since 1997. I also had tickets in 1987 and '88, as part of a "family" plan.

Ticats 3 years

Argo's 1 year

Yes this year we have season tickets for both!

Love our CFL Football!


Lions since '04, bought 'em for Dad and myself for xmas 2003 (thanks to proft sharing @ work)