Seasons tickets.......

........available for pick up May 23rd......

As soon as I get off work Tuesday morning, I’m going to be on the first thing smokin’ to Calgary to pick up my tickets. Then I’m going to rip that discount card out of the booklet and do some real damage to my credit card in the Stamps Store.

I know it won’t happen, but I hope the Stamps don’t use those awful “newpaper” programs again this season. I like collecting programs to every event I’m at, and those newspaper programs aren’t very nice collector items.

This will be getting a little off topic, but with your season tickets available for pick-up tuesday, when will your individual tix be available?
Never been to McMahnon so can't wait.

Usually individual tics go one sale a week or so prior to the first PS game...keep checking the website or call the front office.....welcome to McMahon, glad to have you aboard and part of the CFL!.......

Thanks R&W.
I can't wait to make it to McMahon, but part of the I am of the Black and Gold family.

anyone want to post a pic of the season tix?...just wanna see if they look nicer than the ti-cat tix.

What's your problem DG?
SO we don't have the best tix in the league. This is not the end of the world, and or "crappy" tickets as you see it get us into the game like evry other team so what is the issue?

DG does not mean anything by it! He just wants to see if has graphics or not! No big deal!

Sorry RW2005. This is an argument that has come from the Cats site and carried onto other team sites.
It is regarding whether we are the only team in the league with "ugly" season tickets.

Alright sorry Carpman!

I picked up my season tickets today. I was disappointed to find out our season ticket holder discount is only good for a one time purchase.

.....really?....last year it was for the season wasn't it?.....oh well yeasty, there goes your VISA do the tics look? I haven't picked mine up yet....

Last year we got that coupon the gave us 15% off, and we could use it until December. Now we get 1 20% off coupon that can only be used once.

As for how the tickets look. I don't know? It looks like a ticket. I didn't pay all that money to sit in McMahon and stare at my ticket stub. :wink: I could scan it, but I don't know how to post it.

I got mine ... they look nice. Yeast, if you email me the scanned pic I can upload it for you ... pm me for the address.

That sucks about the Stamps Store coupon being used once only. Rip-off ... I only saw the 20%, and didn't look at it any closer. So I thought, sweet! An extra 5% off! But that's annoying about the one-time usage bit ... there's so much stuff I plan to buy there: update my mini-helmet collection, a new Stamps jersey, a Renegades jersey, a Stamps hat ... damn.

You hate to be one of those cry baby season ticket holders, but there should at least be some perks to buying season tickets. Right? I know I wanted to update my mini-helmet set this season as well. I need to replace the Argos and Bombers. And I just got addicted to those framed player prints that are popping up everywhere now. My den is full of them. Finally, art for the sports lover!

(hey, this is my 500th post. My first milestone :stuck_out_tongue: )