seasons tickets?

does anyone have the seasons ticket count is for the teams to date and how they compare to last year?

last years numbers:

[url=] ... pic&t=5734[/url]

so 2006:
#8 Roughriders 13,000
#7 Argos 15,000
#6 Als 17,500 (with 3K-4K on waiting list for after stadiums expansion)
#5 Bluebombers 18,000
#4 Stamps 18,500
#2 Lions 19,000
#2 Ticats 19,000
#1 Eskimos 25,000

2007 Numbers:

Bombers tickets will likely be lower
Toronto will Likely be up.
Reasons? Grey cups, it's the cycle, more people by in grey cup years due to the ability to get tickets to the grey cup.

for 2008 the league needs every team to have 20K season ticket holders, by that time Molson stadium should be 25K Seats.

It would be great, it would also be great if all teams had 3 or 5 year Season ticket packages(incentives don't need to be great, just something like a jersey after 40% payment(so after year 2 is paid, that can be in the spring prior to the second season or before))

Hopefully the 2007 numbers are released in late May(say 15th-22nd)

BC seems to have had all their season tickets renewed by December, so they Should have atleast 19K next year, but likely 20-22K.
Edmonton should remain consistent at 25K

as for the other 6..
PREDICTED!! numbers:
Sask 15K
Bombers 17K
Als 17.5K (20.5K in 2008)
Stamps 19K
Hamilton 19K
Argos 19K
Lions 24K
Eskimos 25K

2007 attendance is up 5-10% from 2006 when it's all over.

I've heard from a reliable source that Ottawa has NOT SOLD a single season ticket for the 2007 season .. Which is slightly less than when they actually had a team.



lol, reliable source.

is that reliable source I dunno... the Owners of the stadium who don't have a deal in place to hold games? lol, because that sure stops Season ticket holders if there is no place to have tickets for.

The Argos number is high, the last time I was speaking with their season ticket office of a few weeks ago, the team was hoping to beat last years total of just over 10,000 to maybe 12,500.

Bombers just released their TO-DATE sales of 15.5K

Which pretty good 6 weeks away from TC.

5-9 Weeks to get 2.5K more(to tie last year)
500 a week puts the Bombers past last year.
Considering Fans have until July before the Regular Season home opener Fans may wait until then to buy season tickets not caring about the pre-seasong game.
The Bombers should beat last years total and HOPEFULLY get to 20K.

anyone have other team numbers?

The Riders according to their State of the franchise are at 13K right now. That gives them a full month to Better their last season total.

Hopefully all other state of the franchises release their Season ticket numbers so a good idea can be had.

Today I got a call from the Ticats office as I have purchased some of their tickets.
The rep advised how the Cats are at 15,000+ and will match last years 17,500.

I think BC is around 20,000 now. With the walk up crowds they get, should be a good average.

we'll find out all numbers as the state of the league continues.
Blue should be around 17K by the 15th.

I hate how the Riders/Bombers are first up. Bombers were early last year make the Argos/BC and Montreal go first.

Was there a new season ticket total released by the Bombers during their state of the franchise yesterday?

i didnt see one...or hear one in the audio.

I don't think so. but they were at 15.6K two weeks ago was it. so their doing fine.

It's been awhile since I have heard any new season ticket figures for 07. Anyone have any new numbers?

The Stamps thing might release numbers, although I don't think the Audio is out yet.

June 1st numbers are the key ones so still a good week.

Bob Ackles, the team's president and chief executive officer, said the Lions have already passed last year's total of 20,000 season tickets.

"This year our target is 22,500," he said. "I feel good we might be as high as 23,000. Our luxury boxes have been sold out for some time now."

nice, hopefully the lions have 30K+ per game and get their 9M+ revenue from tickets.

The Als State of the fanchise shows their still maxed out on season ticket sales(like 17.6K and 2K on the waiting list) with their new 5K seats hopefully ready for the 2008 season they should be at 19.6-21K Season tickets for 2008.

According to the Stamps ticket office today, they've sold about 22,000 season tickets ...

wow, go CFL.

Did any teams lower their season ticket packages because it seems most teams are selling more packages.

Hamilton and Sask are the only two teams that need to show their numbers as it looks like most other teams are looking to be set for the 2007 season, several teams past 20K compared to one in 2006.
Hopefully the average team season ticket sales are like 20K.