Seasons tickets idea

I think that it would be a great idea if all of last years seasons ticket holders who are not renewing this year for whatever reason, especially the ones who have had box seats or at least very good seats, post a message indicating their seat location so that anybody who wants to upgrade or a new seasons ticket holder can get these seats.
Non-renewers and those wanting their seats could then hook up via PM's and work out the details.
I would certainly like to have a seat with back and a great view of the entire field.


If I'm cancelling my seasons why would the team abide by my wishes and sell them to someone of my choice?

When seats are given up they become available to the public and while I doubt there's a waiting list to get seats at most locations throughout the stadium there very well could be for premium seating.
I've been asked numerous times that should I ever give my seats up to let someone else have them but I just don't see how a person giving them up has any say in where they go.

All I was thinking was that forum members can pick available seats if vacant and knowing ahead of time what seats are available would certainly help.
Also judging by the number of seasons ticket holders who have stated on this forum that they are not renewing then there must be some choice seats available.

What is that supposed to mean?

There very well may be. You'll have to wait until after the deadline for the Cats to release that info because current STH cannot transfer tickets.