Season's Over .....

As it fan it bothers me to say this but I think the 2015 season is over and the remaining couple of games should be used to evaluate the players.....I think we should use this opportunity to see what we really have.....I also believe the Stamps / Lewis experiment should now be over..... Time to see if Hoffman, Cummingham, Kitchens, Lavarious have....
We need a deep threat
We need cover guys
We need a QB (not sold on Cato) where's Bridge
The coaching staff needs a makeover - If Popp stays let him do his thing starting now.......


They are still in a fight for a playoff spot. There will be plenty of time to evaluate and stare over what was.

As for Lewis. He's been the hardest working guy on that offense. No quit in that guy and I feel bad that he's stuck with this group.

I don't want to hear Jourdain say one word about anything in the coming weeks. I've never seen a Montreal Linesman lay on the ground that much ever. They all need to look in the mirror and finish strong.

You can't properly evaluate QBs when the coaching is deficient. Guys come off the bench and are instantaneously hot because they're not stuck in a restrictive/poor offensive scheme: With more game time they seem to regress. This is becoming a familiar story.

Give Cato the ball for the rest of the season, he's shown enough to deserve the job.

Cato a démontré une bonne dose de talent en début de saison, mais la il sort trop souvent de l'alignement, ça casse le rythme. Les changements d'entraîneurs n'aident pas la transition. On a pas été en mesure de battre Regina ... ouach.

Les 3 prochains matchs vont décider de la saison, je ne dirais pas que c'est terminé encore une fois.



Minimum 3 victoires sur 5 ... et il ne faut surtoût pas échapper Regina.

Popp doit commencer à trouver son siège chaud ... Ça commence à chialer solide , spécialement à COGECO radio.

Il n'aura que lui à blâmer si on ne fait pas les séries.

I agree, I see Lewis working hard every time he's involved in either receiving or blocking. Many time he has catched the ball and ran for 2-3 more yard to get the first down...

I say we need 4 win out of 5 to make the playoff, if Toronto gets a win over us they most likely will win the tiebreaker in scores. I see only Edmonton has out of reach and they are in a fight for 1st in the west against Calgary so I don't expect them to take it slowly for their game #18 knowing calgary meet BC in week 19...

You know, with all of the nonsense of this wacky season, with Toronto's W last night, the Als are only 6 points out.

So, a couple of back-to-back Ws here and there, and - who knows? Do I think that the Als can do it? Do they deserve to be in post-season play? I'll let other posters weigh in on that, but it's not necessarily over this year.

For that to happen, however, Dinwiddie and Calvillo will really have to coach up Cato and the QBs and devise O-schemes that actually work! For the rest of the O-team, they have to execute.

I am leary, however, of the D-team. Opposing QBs are getting waaaaay too much time to look off and find secondary and tertiary receivers. So, more blitzes and stunts to confuse the QB. Our DHs? A big question mark at this point, hence the need for pressure up front.

I can only hope that the guys have not given up on this season. I expect some rather big changes in the off-season.

At this point Als would need to win 3 more games than Hamilton, 4 more games than Ottawa or 3 more games than Toronto with five games remaining. All these teams are in the second to fourth year of their program and can score points at will most nights. The only way the Als make the post season IMO is through the West where they have to win one more game than BC and BC has been getting better each week while the Als have been getting worse.

I would be very surprised if the Als made the post season and I would rather they miss than get a crossover spot. Its the best way the owner is going to have to change his ways and let his football people do what they need to do.

Christ Almighty, all the doom and gloom....Als are still very much alive.

Crossover to the West is quite possible, and there's still a shot at making the playoffs in the East, as Hamilton will not win another game this season with Collaros gone (MTL has the tie-breaker with HAM).

I'm not as sure about that as you are Grover. They've got one ferocious defence over there in Hamilton, so as long as Matthews can be mediocre to adequate (and they get at least a semblance of a running attack), as the old saying goes, it's defence that wins championships.

Le sort des Alouettes ne sera pas dicté par les autres équipes, mais par les Alouettes eux-mêmes.

Ils ont les joueurs pour accéder aux éliminatoires, sauf peut-être au poste de quart et possiblement les demis de coin. Force il est cependant de constater qu'ils n'ont pas les entraîneurs offensifs pour y parvenir. Si cette équipe veut montrer qu'elle a encore une fierté, elle devra jouer comme une équipe professionnelle, unie, déterminée et sans capituler. Son sort est entre ses mains, à commencer par la partie de lundi qui est capitale pour remonter au classement dans l'Est et montrer qu'elle peut encore vaincre des équipes solides de ce circuit.

Realistically, the only way the Als make it into the post-season is “backing in” by virtue of the crossover. Even if they do, I don’t expect them to go any further.

It is also entirely possible that the Als don’t make the play-offs this season. Either way, there will be some major changes in the off-season, starting with a credible HC. Popp is best suited as GM; he is not a HC!

I sincerely hope that the Als do something with this franchise, as any sport other than hockey won’t last long in this city unless it is a winning team.

Took Calgary all their spare change to win with a last second field goal... Not sure how you arrive at your conclusions. But they are wrong.

At least they can't be embarrassing. The incompetence by Wetenhall is the biggest credibility problem hitting this team now with Jim Popp's actions the last couple years close second.

I must ask, which games do you think HAM can win? Have you watched the offense of late?

The odds are with Toronto [- 2.5] Als at home coming off the bye, I believe they will be ready and finish with a victory.

Simple answer to your question: All of them !!! :slight_smile: .......Well hopefully at least 3 of the remaining 4 :wink:
And now a question for you : How many do you think the Alouettes will win the rest of the way ? I think with 5 to go you'll need 3 wins at the very least to finish up at 8-10 to have a shot at the crossover. That tie-breaker by the way that you have on the Cats , doesn't and probably won't mean a thing in the final standings. Now IF you can win the series with Toronto....well then that will change everything. Another thing you got going in your favour is that you close out the season at home against those God Awful Riders, who I believe you owe one to after allowing them to get their 2nd Win of the season against you guys a few weeks back. A big key for your team is the game tonight between the BB's and the Lions. If the Lions win then that will leave you 2 wins back for the crossover as we all know that in order to crossover you must have more pts in the standings......a tie in pts doesn't cut it. Simply put ,if you guys lose to Toronto on Monday you might very well be finished for this season.....that is IF the Lions win tonight.......If I were you I'd be cheering my ass off for those Bombers tonight !!! I have to disagree though with the title of this thread IMO it should read "Season's FAR from being Over..... Like I said you might have a shot at finishing 3rd in the East IF you sweep the Argos but realistically your best shot is to overtake those Lions in the West.

Montreal remaining schedule (5-8)....Tor (h)/Ham(h)/@ Tor(?)/@ Edm/Sask(h)

B.C. remaining schedule (5-8).........Wnp(h)/@ Edm/Ham(h)/@ Tor/Cal(h)

Ummmm. . . wrong.

Well, for openers, Saskatchewan.

Yes, and it looked rather efficient last evening (against a weak defence, I grant you that).

Likely a win tonight for WPeg is a must for our playoff hopes.