Season Tix: Who's got 'em?

i know it wierd but i just like to have an extra seat to put my jacket or w.e i bring with me to the game.

The wife and I got our seats for another season of Eskimos football at commonwealth stadium.

Yeah me too.

I'll be back at the Rogers Hole cheering on my Argos. I've already sold three quarters of my tickets, but I'll make it down to a few games. By the way....if you're sitting in an outdoor stadium without a jacket, why do you need to pay for a seat to hold something you apparently don't need anyway?

Maybe he's sneaking in a mini-keg or something into Commonwealth? I dunno. :razz:

Section D, Row 13 @Commonwealth

umm well its more for the walk back to the car, and the g.f likes to bring popcorn and some other stuff so she has a few thigns with her ( makeup and all ) plus sometimes a buddy wants to come so its for more then just a coat

also why would you buy season tickets then sell most of them, seems like a waste of time to me

corneskers: In normal circumstances, you'd be right about the waste of time thing. In this case, it's about preserving my subscription. The wife and I split up over a year ago, and with court costs and related stuff, i just haven't got the cash to keep up my four seats this year. So, my next to me neighbor in the seats offered to buy the whole season this year, with hopes the finances improve for the future. Also, a friend of mine, for the same reason, bought half of my other tickets. I may end up buying some back if I find have the money later. A classy move by my neighbor, because he could have waited for me to cancel the seats, and added them to his subscription. He knows I hope to eventually pass a pair on to each of my boys, who he has gotten to know over sitting together for years now.