Season Tix: Who's got 'em?

I have my 2008 Roughrider Season Tix they are high up in the second balcony but I love those seats.

I got the 2nd row in the balcony so nobody in my way . . . I have the view of the whole field . . . a roof over my head . . . a few seats from the stairs!

Anyways, Prepare! The season is almost here.

i got my top row east side upper decks for canad inns in the peg.

Im in section 2.

Bah. I wish I could go to games on a regular basis. I need to move… :lol:

To Regina that is! And join the side I know you love deep down!


i got my 3 seats at commonwealth,and no im not tht fat tht i need 3 seats, 1 for me, my g.f and our coats

row 13 best damn row ever

was that the one you picked up from the bar?

hahahaha nope :slight_smile::)…luckily she doesnt know i have an account on here

What is she posts secretly on here too?!?!?!

Little more about tickets, and a little less about corny’s girlfriend.

But chief, the potential to get juicy rumours about corneys love life…well… :lol: :lol: :lol:

3 seats, one for coats…Does it get cold in Edmonton? :lol: :lol:

no,thank god. shoe doesnt even like football but she likes the social outing of a football game

I do, although my coat doesn’t … Section F, row 45. Also the second row of the upper level, and we’re right between the 50-yard lines. I love the location … I just wish the seats had backs up there!

...hey fellow shade lover, Section C, Row 22, Seats 15 and 16...

...hey corny, if your girl isn't into the game that much, why not save yourself the seat cost and just put your coats over her head?....

Sec 42 row 15. Taylor Field. That is my home for now. although I kinda want to move. A lot of older folks. I guess thats what I get sitting with my old man and uncle.

Section 102. Even got about 100$ off this year being a student and all.

Ticats season ticket holder and proud of it, we are going to kick some butts this year!!!

I see Earl started the weekend drinking early :wink:

Kidding buddy!

Will be spending my third straight season in my usual spot: section 206, row 1 of Ted Rogers' cashbox. Just looking forward to the schedule release, and dreading a possible concern about 2009.

You kick the people sitting in front of you? :x :x :x