Season tix came today

Just got them in the mail.

Pretty much the usual package.

The tickets have a nice sepia toned picture of either a present or past player on them.

Not great, but not bad either. They're nice.

I'm happy and excited about attending games this year.

Tickets look great much more professional looking. Thought it was a great touch to include both present and past players.

They are very nice!

I think the new tickets look great. I just hope the present players will be around for the game they are featured on. What if Maas doesn't break training camp?

Looks alot better then last year for sure!

any pics ppl wanna add on here? im not a season ticket holder, i get mine for free:)


yeh well FREE FOR ME! :slight_smile: ive got my ways:D

You dont get to go up to the press box and eat food do you?

Blitz would be a lucky guy if he does.....nothing like catered food!

Being one of those Dad's that always seems to be cooking for kids, it's a treat when someone offers you food you didn't have to prepare yourself.....yum, yum!

Doesn't take much to make this 'frazzled' Dad a happy and appreciative camper.... :wink:

Getting back to the topic, wow!...Football is almost here.....what a long winter eh?....How do the tickets look this year?

Edit:...oops, sorry Kirk....I just read your original post and I see you descibed the tickets a bit.....very nice....thanks

noones gonna post a pic, huh?

haha no no, no free food, but hey! i still get good seats:)

is game notes going to be on