Season Tickets

I’m with Krisiun – “What a pain in the ass,” and JWilli22 – “We still get printed tickets for the season.”
What is better about having admission documents, in a Google wallet or anywhere else, compared to printed tickets? Nothing, I can think of, for the user. Great $avings, though, for the issuer, like so many things, today, involving modern technology.


That is a question if you asked a different demographic than you the answer would be 180 degrees different.

My kids for example would turn their nose up at printed tickets.
They always have their phone, don’t have to worry about forgetting the tickets, misplacing the tickets, can easily transfer tickets if you can’t make a game last minute, save a tree and printing costs.

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“Pain in the ass” would be printed tickets. How do I give a spare ticket to someone? Meet them near a lamp post?

The team has made help available if needed and has been very accomodating. I miss the souvenir of a printed ticket, but definitely dont miss the possibility of forgetting it when I leave for the game.

This could be a long, but interesting, if minds are kept really open, conversation / debate.
A couple of response points, from the old geezer side:

  • With an online account, there was (may still be?) a simple way to electronically transfer tickets to another person, even one who doesn’t own a smart phone.
  • I don’t recall ever seeing printed ticket holders, standing aside from an entrance gate, or holding up a line, staring at their tickets trying to figure out how to make them work, as I’ve regularly seen with phone-holding fans.

Originally I had hoped they would just give season ticket holders an access card that could be swiped/scanned, as the printed tickets got big (nice souvenir as Crash said with some great photos but then you destroyed them having to fold the damn things and stuff them in your pocket) but technology quickly developed to bypass a plastic card entirely. E-Ticket is cheapest option for distributing tickets and makes them easy to transfer last minute - now that I’ve gotten used to it makes life easier. And I’m no young whippersnapper.

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It is there and can be done online via a computer. It’s quite easy to use.

I’ve had some very positive experience with season ticket access cards, but do agree that a transfer can be more last minute, if the recipient carries a Smart phone.
Your key observation, “E-Ticket is cheapest option for distributing tickets,” is the story. It’s great for the business, acceptable, even popular, with many, and perhaps most fans, but not all. Most businesses, today, want and some even force their customers to take on some of the traditional, costly, work of the business, with the customers doing so using their own, expensive, personal devices, services, and supplies. It’s the way of the 21st century world.

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I received an email lat night from Ticketmaster saying my preseason tickets are now listed for resale on Ticket exchange, but I opened the Ticketmaster app and no resale tickets are showing yet.
It actually shows a " sold out" stadium except for general admission endzones.
I am assuming they are sorting out tickets for this “refer a friend for free” preseason promotion. It must be a logistical nightmare.

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The resale tickets are listed now.

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First time season ticket holder here. Went to the box office when we got into Hamilton today to ensure that the tickets would show up properly tomorrow. The ticket rep mentioned that they are going away from using the All Accesss App which is where all my tickets are stored. I know that I got an email the other day about accessing the Tickets through the Ticats site /My Tix account. He suggested that I get rid of the All Access App (Company that developed it is no longer in business which is why they are trying to phase it out). I’m sure I got the suggestion on my phone to put my tickets in a Google Wallet which might be a good idea if accessing them is going to be an issue. Guess we’ll find out as we attend the games!

I thought that we were told originally when we got the tickets that preseason and Labour Day tickets weren’t transferrable - not sure if that means that they can’t be sold.

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It just means you can’t move your preseason tickets to other games , and you can’t add more Labour Day Tickets by moving other tickets.
The " Ticket exchange " program does not include preseason or Labour day.
You can sell them ( starting today) no problem.

Thanks - plan to be at both games unless something catastrophic occurs and we can’t attend Labour Day.