Season Tickets

My tickets haven’t shown up yet on Ticketmaster. Any idea when they will?

My season tickets show up in the “My Tix login” page on the Cats website. They also show up in the Ticats App in the Tickets tab.
They do not show up in my ticketmaster app, but whenever it asks me to " link my accounts" I always say no.

Mine are there…

My Ticketmaster app doesn’t seem to be working this year but my tickets are saved in an email folder and easily accessible.
Interesting aside; a friend wants to join us on Labour Day and the individual games seats came on sale at noon today and when he tried to buy some, the message says Labour Day is sold out with 4 months to go… Cinco da Mayo to September 5th.

I have tried both, the ticketmaster app opens, and once I sign in, says you have no tickets

@claudebug Same as me with Ticketmaster but do you have the tickets with the barcodes in the form of an email? That can be used to enter the stadium.
Barcodes, I mean QR codes.

No, nothing shows up at all. Have sent email to Ticat office, maybe a glitch with my account

i basically had to go into the app go through ticketmaster and login and then i was able to save my tickets for my app wallet on my phone


had a really thorough email from my rep today about the different ways of accessing my tickets. Really impressive. I just downloaded the app and am sorting my way through it - I was always a paper ticket guy - but the e-tickets are great.

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If you have an Android/Google phone I would suggest saving your tickets to your phone’s Google Wallet App. They will be there even with no Data or wifi.
When you try to access digital tickets through data or wifi with 10,000 people around you doing the same, it often doesn’t work.
I’m sure there’s an Apple equivalent as well.

Good advice! That way I won’t be in tears at the gate. haha.

or let through without getting your ticket scanned… :wink:

Thats happened to me. My app just wouldn’t open. I had to go to the ticket booth and get a printed ticket.

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That has also happened to me, when my ticket wouldn’t scan because of the sun glare. So the attendance numbers were not accurate that day! ( but that day only, ha!)

I’ve never had an issue since cell service is always there. Either way works fine👍 Glare off the phone can be an issue.

we’ll never know how many were inside the stadium for the 2019 Grey Cup. Thousands of people transferred their tickets once let inside without getting their ticket scanned.

Sure was a par-tay!

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I used to screenshot the tickets, but ticketmaster took that away.

Just got mine loaded today.

Usually don’t go to the preseason game but when I try to click on the “sell” option its greyed out. Anyone have any idea when it will activate so I can attempt the sell option?

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There are no resale tickets listed for any games this season yet. I couldn’t sell mine for preseason either. I was going to email my rep by Friday.

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From my ticket rep…
Thanks for reaching out, hope all is well with you too. The re-sale portal has not been activated yet, but this should be occurring within the next few days.