season tickets

I have been a season ticket holder for 3 years through my business - I sometimes give tickets away to customers and call me old fashioned -but I like to hand out or receive actual tickets with players pictures on them etc etc and I was rather disappointed to be charged $25.00 per seat this year for that privilege. The alternative apparently is to print the tickets out and hand over a piece of crumpled paper that admits them to the game - what a thrill! Especially for memorable games where years later they can pull out that old yellowed pc of 8 1/2 x 11 gaze fondly on it and say " oh yes what a keepsake - good thing I printed out 500 of them! " - Just saying

So I guess that the other 2 threads on ticket complaints weren't good enough for you?

He runs a business he got no time for searches.

They Could have raised your ticket price by $25 and thrown in the tickets for free they gave you a choice suck it up butter cup and print at home and hand out paper tickets...............