Season Tickets

Anyone have any idea if they are doing a ticket pick-up party, or when they are being mailed out!
Thanks in advance!
Oskee Wee Wee

Don't they just e-mail tickets these days?

This year the tickets will be commemorative, just like the last year at IWS, they will be mailed out in early July :thup:

I bought a couple of Ottawa mini season ticket packages and they told me it would be e-mail. Also bought four THF home opener tickets for July 26th and was told they would be e-mailed.

If you bought season tickets you will get the nice tickets :rockin:

Seems a waste of money, the team could have saved a lot of money by e-mailing them. :expressionless:

Really? They are collectors items just like the fancy tickets for the last season at Ivor Wynne.

The commemorative tickets are nice - perfect souvenirs. I plan to use print-at-home replacement tickets to get into the stadium, and keep the commemorative ones safely at home. Worked great last year for the final year at Ivor Wynne.

If the 'Choose your own seat' thing on Ticketmaster is to be believed tickets are flying off the shelf for games at THF. It looks like the home opener is down to about 150 tickets and some other games I checked not much more than that. The mid September game against the Riders is already down to what looks like just a couple of hundred tickets too.

Ticket sales do look pretty great! But I'm assuming some seats are still being held back for possible season ticket/flex pack sales. Guess those will be released to the public at a later date.

They’ve had 3 game flex pack sales on for quite a while already. My family picked up a couple of pairs on 3 game flex packs about a month ago.

Holy smokes, I just checked and your right Pat, not a whole lot of selection left for a lot of the games , that is , if the map thingy is accurate.

Ya... Also, why go eat at The Keg when McDonalds is cheaper.
I don't get your reasoning, Fans spent good hard earn money to be STHs. It's great that they are doing it. This is a business and clients (fans) should be treated with cool tickets like they are doing.

I don't get your reasoning either.............The Keg and McDonalds????????? one sells Steaks at a high price and the other cheap burgers and fries.
I was being sarcastic, that's why I put a smiley after my comment. :stuck_out_tongue:

So has anyone actually heard the answer to the original question? When are tickets available for pick up or when are they being delivered? I'm assuming no one really knows because I don't think it has been announced (and because no one has answered). I would also assume that with no preseason game included in the season ticket holder package and therefore no games until July 26th, the Cats have taken advantage and held off printing tickets until the CBA is ratified to avoid any possible risk of wasted $$$. A small but real advantage to the late start to our home schedule I guess.

Talked to my ticket rep late last week. He said they'll be mailing out the season tickets early this week. (Week of June 9th)

The preseason game tickets for this Saturday the 14th were emailed.

Just got my tickets in the mail today for the preseason game, can't wait!!!!! :smiley: :rockin:

My apologies ... meant to say season tickets for the regular season are to be mailed out last week of June, 1st week of July.

I've copied parts of a recent email that should answer pick up and mailing date season ticket questions.

Pick up

"At the Tiger-Cats head office at 1 Jarvis St. on Saturday, July 5 and Sunday, July 6 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on both days. Complimentary coffee and donuts courtesy of Tim Hortons. Fans will also have a chance to win one of three VIA Rail road trips to Montreal to watch the Ticats play the Alouettes on Sunday, September 7. The TigerTown Store will also be open, with a special offer for season seat holders. Note: Please bring a piece of photo I.D. with you to claim your package."

Mailing Date

"If you aren't able to stop by and pick up your season seats, your season seat package will be mailed out to you the following week. Please e-mail us at"

Would have been nice if they had a ticket pick up party at Mac, players and fans could have talked and gotten autographs etc. As not everyone can attend the game this weekend!