Season Tickets...

Hey guys, I'm new here and was just wondering who has got season tickets and for what section.

I have season tickets in section A row 2

if I lived in WPG, I would have season trikets in the section where it is the cheapest (where it's like $10 a game)

closer to $15 a game, thats North Endzone

for season tickets just under $100

I dont live right in Winnipeg, 45 minutes away (Steinbach)

yeah, I'd get a seat there. cuz I rather spend my money on BB mechcadice. and just being there is all that matters, no how close you are to the action or good your seat is.

I'll get merchendise too :smiley:

i've got season tickets and have had them for 8 years started buying season tickets since i was 8 years old my seats are section Y row 1 seat 5 unless your a short guy section A is horrible where the consession stands are the roof is so low

Well I’m 6’0" I’m sure the roof is atleast 7’0"

but not that it matters, I go to the game to watch the game not walk around the consession stands

I'm sitting in Section V. The tickets costed a fortune, it's gonna take me a while to pay it off.