Season Tickets...

Arent they awesome, the best looking ones so far. Did anyone get a ticket with a autograph? I have a special edition Jamal Richardson autographed ticket. I can't wait till it starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice to see a special touch for such fan commitment. First tangible sign that the organization will make appreciate it's fans more.

I haven't seen these tickets, but if they're as nice as you say, yes, it's an early positive sign that Mr. Lalonde is starting to right the marketing / PR ship.

C'est bien que le premier signe tangible du changement se manifeste envers les détenteurs de billets de saison. C'est une forme de reconnaissance bien placée.

Another thing I`ve noticed is the catch phrase at the bottom of the poster:

Alouettes. Football. Champions. Point

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In the same way that Trestman is an offensive guru and Popp a personnel guru, Ray Lalonde is certainly a marketing guru. He did some amazing things with which was at the time a pretty sleepy Canadiens franchise, and I realize the context is different with hockey vs. football.

I was very surprised that in Pierre Boivins exit interviews he did not mention Lalonde in any way as being part of the franchises success during Boivins reign. It was certainly Lalonde more than Boivin who lined Gilletts pockets and increased the value of the franchise.

Let`s hope that he is given the time to do similar things with the Alouette franchise.

So that makes Richardson, Emery and Boulay who can sign your tickets. Who are the others? Gotta go pick mine up.

how many people in the years past watched the als on RDS/TSN tv but have now purchased season tickets to stade molson?