Season Tickets

I had seen an advertisement about Renegade season tickets going on sale December 10th.

I tried finding out more about the December 10th season ticket sale on the Renegade web site. Nada, Nothing. Last year they gave away my season tickets because they didn't know if the AA section was opening (or something like that) then they did open the section they didn't bother notifying me. So, I bought tickets on game days.

Now that I've gotten over my little tantrum, I can't find out any more information then their selling tickets somewhere on December 10th?

These guys make it harder to be a fan then trying on a "NEW" pair a boots.


They are selling 2 for 1 tickets on the North Side (Sucks) in sections C, D, F, and G..... and on the South Side in sections EE, DD, CC, MM, LL, KK. I'm afraid since I live outside of Ottawa, that I don't know where they are selling them except at their main Bank Street ticket area. You can call them at 231 5608 ext 224 and talk to Davyd Balloch.

I am assuming that they must be selling them at Sports Experts too, but I have no clue...... The best way to do it, would be to call them.

The info is there on the website - go to the main page and click on tickets, then 2-1 sale.

Thanks Guys - I called the number - tickets are being sold at Famous Players locations throughout the city.

I think its a great deal, i've already renewed my tickets.

They tried to kick me out of my seats that my family has had for 3 decades.... but I was able to renew my tickets where I am..... at 700 dollars less than last year...... great deals...

I'll wait for the $99 season ticket sale, thank you very much.