Season Tickets

I'm just wondering if anyone has heard what the season ticket count is at right now, and what it's on pace or expected to be?! With our season last year, the atmosphere of the playoff game, and the moves so far in the early part of free agency I see no reason why we can't have 20,000 season ticket holders and close to sell outs every game! Oskee Wee Wee!

I would think that they will show an increase over last makes sense. I know of several out here where I live that are new season ticket holders...and a couple who have come back after not renewing in 2003.

I don't know what the policy is on announcing season's ticket sales. Do any other clubs post their numbers?

To me, the season ticket number doesn't mean a whole lot. There are many fans out there who wait to see how well they start and attend games after they see how they are doing.

Last year was a good year but people have been burned in the past.

If we play well, the fans will come.

I will purchase season ticket's for the time since 04. The teams play had nothing to do with renewal but more with the schedule. Walking up for 5-6 games is more costly than seasons tickets so here I go again. Go Cats Go !

Last year there was approximately 14,000 season seats.

ill be getting mine im march sometime as well as 7 others for buddies who have liked the gameday experiance of a few brews and burgers at my house and then a 15 min walk to i vor wynee. Dman im gonna miss this stadium.

On a related note, when's the pickup party?

I just got back from 1 Jarvis. Just before I left, I asked the ticket guy how season ticket sales were going. He said that they have about a 95% renewal rate so far, and about 800 new season ticket holders, which is, according to him, the largest number they've ever had for new holders.

lads as ye know im new and going to be leaving ireland for canada soon
what is the best season ticket to buy , for family and atmosphere

I've always enjoyed Silvers (Sec 25 or 27 are my favorites). Best bang for the buck.

This will be my first year as a seaons ticket holder and I'm uber-excited! Last year I ended up buying 13 flex-packs because I always try help the team and bring lots of people to the game. Since the Cats give season tix holders additional tix at season ticket prices it only makes sense.