Season Tickets

How hard is it to get season tickets.

:lol: The easist ticket in the league, unfortunately.

But if they can finally get the ownership straightened out and come up with a name QB things should level off. IMO
Seasons are cheaper this year with one home game in Moncton plus some discounts.

All the diehard fans need to help out by buying tickets (even though the incompetent Management doesn’t deserve it) for the good of the CFL.

Even when they're losing, it's such a great thing to be able to head down to the same seats for nine (this year eight) games and the preseason.

I didn't even hesitate to renew my seats, and last year was my first year as a ST holder.

I concur; it's great to watch football live, not crazy on all the in-game promos. Love half the fans (the ones that usually own their seats) rather than a few of the drunk douches that are given free seats and then bash the league for most of the game. Scream ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOs when the ARGO’s have the ball.

Plus I feel really good about supporting Toronto’s Oldest Professional Franchise. If you want the CFL and Toronto Argonauts to survive for our kids I recommend purchasing seats or going halves with someone.

I dont know, Hamilton is probably easier

They have fewer available seats, so in theory, it probably is slightly harder. That and the fact that their season ticket base is almost surely to increase this year. Their game-day attendance alone was up 10% last year.

@ original poster,

did you get tickets yet?

if not try for the blue section, tickets are cheap there this year @ $161 for the whole season… That’s what I got.

If you could afford $60 more come up and join me in 231 great view for a great value. The Blue section is in the end zone great seats for when the play is in you end but not so great when they are on the other side of the field.


maybe so, but that's what the Jumbo-tron is for. I went in with friend of mine this year and got 3 seats so his old man could come. atleast this year we will be sitting with Argo's fans and not surrounded by Visiting fans tempting fate to cheer on our team.

True there are a few of those in our area, cause we are on the visiting teams side. but the padded seats our comfy!! what section are you going to be in?

section 120, row 1 seat 5... very nice IMO!