Season Tickets

I plan on getting season tickets my question is how fast do they sell?

They will go quickly from what i can tell, winning the GC will make them a sought after item IMO, and judging from the traffic the team got on the renewals, yeah expect them to go fast. There will only be 300 available in the platinum from what i have been told.

AS far as I know Platimum are sold out....only endzone left

When i go to the als site and go to tickets and search in find there is around 4 tickets left for each rpice level.Now does anyone know if this is in real time or could all of those be sold out.

it is real time

The relocation is not completed and until it is, no new sale in the platinum. I know because I just finished relocating our group and dealt with the ticket sales director. And that was the steps. First relocate people moved by the south stands demolition, then relocation for season tickets holder that requested it, and finally people on the waiting list. He told me he expected to have about 300 tix in the platinum available for people on the waiting list. So get yourself on the waiting list, don't go online.