Season Tickets ?

On March 17, the Saskatchewan Roughriders opened sales of season tickets and flex packs to the public. Jim Hopson, president and CEO of the Roughriders, said Monday the public responded by purchasing 1,000 tickets in the last week.

The sale increased the Riders total season tickets for 2009 to 18,000, which exceeds the number of season tickets sold at this stage in 2008.

The Tiger-Cats sold approximately 16,000 season tickets last year.

How many season tickets will the Tiger-Cats sell this year ?

no more than last year i would assume.

probably the same. even with the 25% discount, some fans have given 'em back. but can you blame them?

the cats are going to become ssk once we start winning again. people want to pay to see winners. if the cats put a winning team on the field and are competitive, you will be 25K plus per game and the following year, season tickets will be up to around 20k.

people want to be a part of things that are winners and that has the city buzzing.

Would purchase a seasons ticket, but can’t guarantee Ill be at every game

The Season tickets have an option called, "NEVER WASTE A TICKET", where if you dont use a ticket(s) you can trade them in for another game, excluding Labour Day.

OR the "FLEX PACK" is another option. A Flex Pack is the ideal option for fans in need of a flexible ticket package that offers significant savings over individual game prices. The Flex Pack contains five vouchers which can be used in any combination for any of the 2009 regular season games. Perfect for entertaining clients, employees, family or friends, simply redeem your Flex Pack vouchers for the 'best available' seating in your seat category.