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Well I've been a seasons ticket holder for a number of years and I've hung in there. We used to get some box seats, some extra tickets and I've been at home in my seats. Last year my friends around me didn't want to renew but I held the flag high and rallied them and we all renewed. Once again we got promises and we were offered playoff tickets and a discount if the cats didn't make one game. I would be out of town so I didnt' buy play off tickets but I hoped they'd make it. So renewal is here and my ticket price is not discounted and I'm just like anyone walking off the street. I called my rep and he said that I didn't buy into play offs so too bad for me, my five or six or seven years of being a season ticket holder doesn't count for anything. My buddies who sit beside me however can buy my tickets for 25% off.

After a number of years holding the flag you've convinced me. As a fan you really don't care about me. It sends me a clear message. Buy my tickets on the street about mid first quarter for $5 and save my money. I'm usually working and can't get there until that time anyway. I've only seen that giant Canadian Flag 2 times anyway. I give my tickets away alot ( a hard thing to do) and create more seasons ticket holders. You've convinced me not to do that anymore. I love the Cats, and I've been thankful to Bob for saving the franchise. My four year old son is a Ti-cat fan. He thinks they are the only team in the universe.

Bob, if you treat your customers poorly they will stop buying your product. I would have though you of all people would know this. My entertainment dollars will be spent somewhere else for sometime to come.

Get one of your friends that gets the discount to bye them for you, because they can buy extra season tickets and get the same discount, hope this helps you, hang in there.

Im surprised the ticket rep did not tell you that if you got the playoff discount that you can buy extra seats and get the 25% off from your friends account.

Why should you get the 25% off when the rest of us put down money to do it. I was upset at the time because they took my money in advance but it's not like we were not getting it back now.


Why do you deserve special treatment?

So you had tickets before and you got all the benfits that goes along with that, and now you want more than others get?

Why are you more special than others that "abided" by the rules.

The selfish sense of entitlement appears yet again.

I have always had a problem with the "gimmick" season tickets promotions that the Cats have run in the past few years. I understand that they have to make a back, but I don't think it's unreasonable to reward some fans who have stuck with them through thick and mostly thin for years. If they are going to try to attract new buyers, it shouldn't be subsidized by the old faithful.

All that being said, you shouldn't require a law degree to understand the promotions.

At least Cat fans have it better than Als fans do. I get an invoice about 30 seconds after the season ends. Anything between the 20's is about 800.00 a ticket. If I dont pay by Feb 27, I they give my tickets (which I waited 8 years to get) to one of the 1500 people on the waiting list. About 150 people per year give up their tickets, u do the

The Cats will be better this much better we don't know, but we all know how fun it is at IWS when the Cats atre winning...Whatever price you pay for your it cause the Cats need your support! Bob's pockets, while deep, arent bottomless.

How bout driving up the 403 to get your CFL fix....?

Which "gimmicks" are you referring to?

but I don't think it's unreasonable to reward some fans who have stuck with them through thick and mostly thin for years.
The Tiger-Cat organization agrees with you. That's why past years have had great deals like the traditions club and this year's playoff guarantee discount. Those are great rewards. Are there any better rewards in the league?

Unfortunately I can't agree with the original post.

The deal was laid out for us right at the beginning. Even if they didn't make the playoffs, you get 25% off this year and also some money that would be put towards it as well.

I can't complain. Last year I spent 380 on my tickets and this year it was 233. I feel like I am ripping the Ticats off.

If you are unable to make the playoff game you could have sold your ticket or given it away. I feel this is a cop out. You don't make it to most of the regular season games and give your tickets away but because you wouldn't be able to make it to a playoff game you don't want to give your ticket away. I just don't understand.

If you bought the playoff ticket and we didn't make the playoffs, you get 25% off the season ticket price for this year and you can either get a refund of the playoff ticket price, or put it towards this years tickets.

I'm not making nearly enough money for having a law degree. :roll: :twisted:

They also offer an additional 10% early bird discount. If you didn't buy into the playoff guarantee why should you get a discount?? I don't see a reason why. It was a no lose situation. I couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't want to do it. If we made it to the playoffs, but didn't get a home playoff game you would get a refund of the playoff ticket. If we would have had a home playoff game, AMEN and praise the Lord and you already have your ticket. No playoffs equals 25% off. No lose situation.

I can't complain about the price we're paying for our tickets. You would not find season tickets in any sport for a low price like that.

Why should someone that paid $100 for an endzone seat be given a 25% discount stadium wide over a fan with a few platinums that for whatever reason couldn't make the playoff game? (assuming there was one)

A 25% discount on my seats would be almost $700, so why wouldn't I just get someone that bought into the discount to put my seats in their name and split the savings?

What's to stop the discount buyer from buying up a dozen or so premiuim seats at the discount, pay them off before the deadline then just re-sell them for what would be a reasonable savings for a first timer but still a decent profit for the seller?

A well thought out plan this one.

As coachinboxJ said, people who get the 25% discount (which includes me) can buy season tickets for someone else with the same 25% discount (35% if you buy early). Yet a loyal fan who did not take the playoff guarantee can only get a 10% discount while someone off the street if I buy for them can get 35%. Something seems wrong with this scenario.

There seems to be a little confusion on the savings for additional seats.

Season ticket holders who purchased the playoff guarantee in 2008 saw a 25% credit in their account for 2009 when they received their invoice (The 25% credit was based on the price the ticket holder paid in 2008, net of taxes). Each ticket would receive an additional savings of 10% if paid in full by Friday, January 23rd. Any ticket holder that bought the 2008 playoff guarantee has the option of extending their 25% discount to any new tickets added to their account for the 2009 season, as well as the aforementioned 10% savings if paid in full by Friday, Jan. 23rd.

Remember, the 25% credit is based on the price that the ticket holder paid in 2008 (net of taxes). Therefore, a season ticket holder in the Family Zone who adds a ticket (and was a part of the 2008 playoff guarantee) will only get 25% off of the price they paid last year towards the new ticket, not 25% off of the new ticket that is in higher priced section.

Example of a Family Zone ticket purchased at the full price of $150.00 in 2008:
Price of 2008 ticket - $150.00
Net price of 2008 ticket - $130.43
25% Playoff Guarantee Credit = $32.61

Therefore, if this season ticket holder wants to add a ticket in the Family Zone or any other section that would be considered a "better" seat, they receive the same discount of $32.61 per seat

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at (905) 547 2287 ext.251
I'll be able to give you a better and more clear cut answer than you'll get relying on forum users.


Joe thanks for the clarification Re: it must be in the same section and the price is net of taxes and must be purchased by the season ticket holder. Notwithstanding it still seems odd that I could purchase: hase tickets in my section for someone else (off the street) at a price cheaper than a season ticket holder who did not take the playoff guarantee. :smiley:

My head hurts.

Off to law school.

I agree with als4ever that the explanation provided last year wasn't as clear as it could have been.

I recall on my first read-through last year, I got the impression that you would only qualify for the discount if you also purchased Vanier Cup tickets along with your playoff tickets at the beginning of the year. I eventually figured out this wasn't the case (and I didn't want Vanier Cup tickets). But I wonder if there are folks who may have bought Vanier Cup tickets they didn't really want because they thought they had to in order to qualify for the playoff guarantee. It seems plausible. Marketers in many industries have made a sport for years of capitalizing on customers' tendency not to question the details of offers.

What a GREAT deal!

I upgraded my seats, and bought addition season tickets! :thup:

All this being said...for those who don't have season tix....



Were in Box J Row 13 - seats 33 & 34..................................................

Well, not me.

I was pretty clear on the deal.

I bought playoff tix and declined the Vanier Cup tix.

Did anyone here buy Vanier Cup tickets, even though they really didn't want them, on the assumption that they had to, in order to qualify for the discount?


Spread the word, tell all your friends and family.
What a GREATdeal! :thup: