season tickets

Hey evrybody whos got season tickets to the argooooooooooooooooooos this year i have tickets on the goal line in the second deck, near windows restaurant :smiley:

I am at the very opposite corner. Section 231 I think. Can’t remember exactly since I changed location a bit last year… and am in the very first row. Great seats. I have sat in every possible part of the stadium, and this is where I settled about 8 years ago.

Mine are center end zone in the 200 level , facing the TRON.

Looks like we’re in the same part of the stadium hellothere. I am also 200level endzone facing the TRON. Love those seats there

arlund bruce shoulda came back to our blue bombers:):):):slight_smile:

cool :smiley:

section 209…i think.

hellothere… and horus… were you at the Argo training camp to watch a practice last week? I was talking with someone there who sat in the 200 level facing the jumbotron. Would be great if that turned out to be you. I had my pictures signed by Pinball when he sat in front of us.

Wasn’t me ArgoFan1. I couldn’t make it out to the Fan Day at camp. I will most certainly be there on the 25th for Opening Day however.

I wasn’t at the pracise , but I am in second 200 facing , the JUMBO TRON.

Section 133. 55 yrd line, 19 and 20 rows from the field. I have four seats.